Scientific Articles of Note Q4 2017

A list of scientific articles published during the last quarter with hyperlinks for ease of access. The focus is on field and epidemiological papers, with relevance for those working in this area.

African Horse Sickness

Abundance and species composition of Culicoides spp. biting midges near cattle and horse in South-Eastern Poland, Acta Parasitologica, 62(4), pp. 739-747., Larska, M., Grochowska, M., Lechowski, L., Zmudziński, J.F., 2017

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African Swine Fever

African swine fever (ASF) and ticks. No risk of tick-mediated ASF spread in Poland and Baltic states, Journal of Veterinary Research., Article in Press, Frant, M., Woźniakowski, G., Pejsak, Z., 2017

Approaches and perspectives for development of African swine fever virus vaccines, Vaccines, 5(4), art. no. 35., Arias, M., de la Torre, A., Dixon, L., Gallardo, C., Jori, F., Laddomada, A., Martins, C., Parkhouse, R.M., Revilla, Y. , Rodriguez, F., Sanchez-Vizcaino, J.-M., 2017

Mechanisms of entry and endosomal pathway of African swine fever virus, Vaccines, 5(4), art. no. 42., Sánchez, E.G., Pérez-Núñez, D., Revilla, Y., 2017

Prevalence of African swine fever virus and classical swine fever virus antibodies in pigs in Benue State, Nigeria, Tropical Animal Health and Production, pp. 1-4., Article in Press, Asambe, A., Sackey, A.K.B., Tekdek, L.B., 2017

Why is African swine fever still present in Sardinia?, Transboundary and Emerging Diseases. Article in Press, Jurado, C., Fernández-Carrión, E., Mur, L., Rolesu, S., Laddomada, A., Sánchez-Vizcaíno, J.M., 2017

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Bionomics of livestock-associated Culicoides (biting midge) bluetongue virus vectors under laboratory conditions, Medical and Veterinary Entomology, Article in Press, Barceló, C., Miranda, M.A., 2017

Disease surveillance in England and Wales, October 2017, Veterinary Record, 181(18), pp. 471-474., 2017

Nonverbal communication between Finnish authorities in animal disease emergency exercise and in public health border control measures, Nonverbal Communication: Insights, Importance in Healthcare Settings and Social Influences, pp. 55-70., Koskinen, H.I., 2017

The impact of temperature changes on vector-borne disease transmission: Culicoides midges and bluetongue virus, Journal of the Royal Society, Interface, 14(128)., Brand, S.P., Keeling, M.J., 2017

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Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD)

Analyzing the foot and mouth disease outbreak as from 2008 to 2014 in cattle and buffaloes in Sri Lanka, Preventive Veterinary Medicine, 148, pp. 78-88., Gunasekera, U.C., Sivasothy, A., Wedasingha, N., Thayaparan, S., Rotewewa, B., Muralithas, M., Baumann, M.P.O., Punyapornwithaya, V., 2017

Complete genome sequence of the circulatory foot-and-mouth disease virus serotype Asia1 in Bangladesh, Genome Announcements, 5(43), art. no. e01135-17., Ali, M.R., Ul Alam, A.S.M.R., Amin, M.A., Ullah, H., Siddique, M.A., Momtaz, S., Sultana, M., Hossain, M.A., 2017

Deep sequencing of foot-and-mouth disease virus reveals RNA sequences involved in genome packaging, Journal of Virology, 92(1), art. no. e01159-17., Logan, G., Newman, J., Wright, C.F.,Lasecka-Dykes, L., Haydon, D.T., Cottam, E.M., Tuthill, T.J., 2018

Determination of optimal age for single vaccination of growing pigs with foot-and-mouth disease bivalent vaccine in South Korea, Journal of Veterinary Medical Science, 79(11), pp. 1822-1825., Kim, A.-Y., Tark, D., Kim, H., Kim, J.-S., Lee, J.-M., Kwon, M., Bae, S.,  Kim, B., Ko, Y.-J., 2017

Development and evaluation of a novel real-time RT-PCR to detect foot-and-mouth disease viruses from the emerging A/ASIA/G-VII lineage, Journal of Virological Methods, 252, pp. 37-41., Saduakassova, M.A., Sultanov, A.A., Kutumbetov, L.B., Wadsworth, J., A.Wood, B., Knowles, N.J., King, D.P., Bachanek-Bankowska, K., 2018

Dynamics of widespread foot-and-mouth disease virus serotypes A, O and Asia-1 in southern Asia: A Bayesian phylogenetic perspective, Transboundary and Emerging Diseases, Article in Press, Brito, B.P., Mohapatra, J.K., Subramaniam, S., Pattnaik, B., Rodriguez, L.L., Moore, B.R., Perez, A.M., 2017

Editorial: Foot-and-mouth disease in swine, Frontiers in Veterinary Science, 4(AUG), art. no. 133., Perez, A.M., Willeberg, P.W., 2017

Evaluation of strategies to control a potential outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in Sweden, Frontiers in Veterinary Science, 4(JUL), art. no. 118., Dórea, F.C., Nöremark, M., Widgren, S., Frössling, J., Boklund, A., Halasa, T., Ståhl, K., 2017

Genetic and antigenic characterization of serotype O FMD viruses from East Africa for the selection of suitable vaccine strain, Vaccine. 35(49), pp. 6842-6849., Lloyd-Jones, K., Mahapatra, M., Upadhyaya, S., Paton, D.J., Babu, A.,, Hutchings, G., Parida, S., 2017

Genome sequence of foot-and-mouth disease virus of serotype O lineage Ind- 2001d isolated from cattle in Mongolia in 2015, Genome Announcements, 5(45), art. no. e01244-17., Nishi, T., Ulziibat, G., Khanui, B., Myagmarsuren, O., Morioka, K., Yamakawa, M., Fukai, K., 2017

Financial Impact of foot-and-mouth disease outbreaks on pig farms in the Republic of Korea, 2014/2015, Preventive Veterinary Medicine, 149, pp. 140-142., Yoon, H., Jeong, W., Han, J.-H., Choi, J., Kang, Y.-M., Kim, Y.-S., Park, H.-S., Carpenter, T.E., 2018

Forecasting the 2001 foot-and-mouth disease epidemic in the UK, EcoHealth, pp. 1-10., Article in Press, Shanafelt, D.W., Jones, G., Lima, M., Perrings, C., Chowell, G., 2017

Investigation of smallholder farmer biosecurity and implications for sustainable foot-and-mouth disease control in Cambodia, Transboundary and Emerging Diseases, 64(6), pp. 2000-2012., Young, J.R., Suon, S., Olmo, L., Bun, C., Hok, C., Ashley, K., Bush, R.D., Windsor, P.A., 2017

Market impact of foot-and-mouth disease control strategies: A UK case study, Frontiers in Veterinary Science, 4(SEP), art. no. 129., Feng, S., Patton, M., Davis, J., 2017

Nonverbal communication between Finnish authorities in animal disease emergency exercise and in public health border control measures, Nonverbal Communication: Insights, Importance in Healthcare Settings and Social Influences, pp. 55-70., Koskinen, H.I., 2017

Selection of vaccine strains for serotype O foot-and-mouth disease viruses (2007-2012) circulating in Southeast Asia, East Asia and Far East, Vaccine, 35(51), pp. 7147-7153., Mahapatra, M., Upadhyaya, S., Aviso, S., Babu, A., Hutchings, G., Parida, S., 2017

The pH stability of foot-and-mouth disease virus, Virology Journal, 14(1), art. no. 233., Yuan, H., Li, P., Ma, X., Lu, Z., Sun, P., Bai, X., Zhang, J., Bao, H., Cao, Y., Li, D., Fu, Y., Chen, Y., Bai, Q., Zhang, J., Liu, Z., 2017

Using mixed methods to assess food security and coping strategies: A case study among smallholders in the Andean region, Food Security, 9(5), pp. 1019-1040., Limon, G., Fournié, G., Lewis, E.G., Dominguez-Salas, P., Leyton-Michovich, D., Gonzales-Gustavson, E.A., Gonzalez, A.E., Cabezas, A.H., Pinto, J., Rushton, J., Guitian, J., 2017

Vitamin C supplementation improved the efficacy of foot-and-mouth disease vaccine, Food and Agricultural Immunology, pp. 1-14., Article in Press, Wu, M., He, M., Kang, Y., 2017

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No articles available at this time.

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A highly pathogenic avian H7N9 influenza virus isolated from a human is lethal in some ferrets infected via respiratory droplets, Cell Host and Microbe. 22(5), pp. 615-626.e8., Imai, M., Watanabe, T., Kiso, M., Nakajima, N., Yamayoshi, S., Iwatsuki-Horimoto, K., Hatta, M., Yamada, S., Ito, M., Sakai-Tagawa, Y., Shirakura, M., Takashita, E., Fujisaki, S., McBride, R., Thompson, A.J., Takahashi, K., Maemura, T., Mitake, H., Chiba, S., Zhong, G., Fan, S., Oishi, K., Yasuhara, A., Takada, K., Nakao, T., Fukuyama, S., Yamashita, M., Lopes, T.J.S., Neumann, G., Odagiri, T., Watanabe, S., Shu, Y., Paulson, J.C., Hasegawa, H., Kawaoka, Y., 2017

Assessing the reporting quality of influenza outbreaks in the community, Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses, 11(6), pp. 556-563., Lo, C., Mertz, D., Loeb, M., 2017

A qualitative stakeholder analysis of avian influenza policy in Bangladesh, EcoHealth, pp. 1-9. Article in Press, Chattopadhyay, K., Fournié, G., Abul Kalam, M., Biswas, P.K., Hoque, A., Debnath, N.C., Rahman, M., Pfeiffer, D.U., Harper, D., Heymann, D.L., 2017

Avian influenza A(H7N2) virus in human exposed to sick cats, New York, USA, 2016, Emerging Infectious Diseases, 23(12), pp. 2046-2049., Marinova-Petkova, A., Laplante, J., Jang, Y., Lynch, B., Zanders, N., Rodriguez, M., Jones, J., Thor, S., Hodges, E., De La Cruz, J.A., Belser, J., Yang, H., Carney, P., Shu, B., Berman, L., Stark, T., Barnes, J., Havers, F., Yang, P., Trock, S.C., Fry, A., Gubareva, L., Bresee, J.S., Stevens, J., Daskalakis, D., Liu, D., Lee, C.T., Torchetti, M.K., Newbury, S., Cigel, F., Toohey-Kurth, K., St. George, K., Wentworth, D.E., Lindstrom, S., Davis, C.T., 2017

Avian influenza A(H7N9) viruses co-circulating among chickens, southern China, Emerging Infectious Diseases, 23(12), pp. 2100-2102., Wang, N., Sun, M., Wang, W., Ouyang, G., Chen, Z., Zhang, Y., Zhao, B., Wu, S., Huang, J., Sun, H., Liao, M., Jiao, P., 2017

Avian influenza epidemiology in semi-intensive free ranging duck flocks of the Moyingyi Wetland in Bago East District, Myanmar, Tropical Animal Health and Production, pp. 1-7. Article in Press, Cristalli, A., Morini, M., Comin, A., Capello, K., Sunn, K., Martini, M., 2017

Avian influenza H5N1 vaccination efficacy in Egyptian backyard poultry, Vaccine, 35(45), pp. 6195-6201., Kandeil, A., Mostafa, A., El-Shesheny, R., El-Taweel, A.N., Gomaa, M., Galal, H., Kayali, G., Ali, M.A., 2017

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Combating flu in China, Microbes and Infection, 19(12), pp. 567-569., Jiang, S., Ojcius, D.M., 2017

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Dynamics of low and high pathogenic avian influenza in wild bird population, Mathematical Research Summaries, 2, p. 61., Tuncer, N., Torres, J., Martcheva, M., 2017

Emerging zoonotic influenza A virus detection in Myanmar: Surveillance practices and findings, Health Security, 15(5), pp. 483-493., Tun Win, Y., Gardner, E., Hadrill, D., Su Mon, C.C., Kyin, M.M., Maw, M.T., Claes, F., Von Dobschuetz, S., Kalpravidh, W., Wongsathapornchai, K., Mon, H.H., Myint, W.W., Thein, W.Z., Mon, P.P., 2017

Estimating disease burden of a potential A(H7N9) pandemic influenza outbreak in the United States, BMC Public Health, 17(1), art. no. 898., Silva, W., Das, T.K., Izurieta, R., 2017

Evaluating interest in an influenza A(H5N1) vaccine among laboratory workers who work with highly-pathogenic avian influenza viruses in the United States, Vaccine, 36(2), pp.306-312., Russell, K.E., Bresee, J.S., Katz, J.M., Olsen, S.J., 2018

Factors responsible for the continuous persistence and evolution of low pathogenic avian influenza virus (H9N2) World's Poultry Science Journal, pp. 1-11. Article in Press, Umer Ashraf, M., Shahid Mahmood, M., Rafique, A., Zahid Abbas, R., Iqbal, Z., Younas, M., Ahmad Sadiq, S., Usman, M., Omer Asghar, M., Usman Ishaq, M., 2017

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Genetic characterization of H9N2 avian influenza viruses isolated from poultry in Poland during 2013/2014, Virus Genes, pp. 1-10., Article in Press, Świętoń, E., Jóźwiak, M., Minta, Z., Śmietanka, K., 2017

Governing towards 'One Health': Establishing knowledge integration in global health security governance, Global Policy, 8(4), pp. 483-494., Connolly, J., 2017

Highly pathogenic avian H5N8 influenza viruses: Should we be concerned?, Virulence, pp. 1-2., Article in Press, Tate, M.D., 2017

Influenza and other emerging respiratory viruses, Medicine (United Kingdom), 45(12), pp. 781-787., Tyrrell, C.S.B., Allen, J.L.Y., Carson, G., 2017

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Novel reassortant H3N2 avian influenza virus isolated from domestic ducks in eastern China in 2016, Genome Announcements, 5(48), art. no. e01237-17., Sun, W., Li, J., Hu, J., Jiang, D., Ge, Z., Xing, C., Wang, X., Gu, M., Liu, X., Hu, S., Liu, X., 2017

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Traveling pigeons and avian influenza, Option/Bio, 28(555-556), p. 11., 2017

Vaccine approaches conferring cross-protection against influenza viruses, Expert Review of Vaccines, 16(11), pp. 1141-1154., Vemula, S.V., Sayedahmed, E.E., Sambhara, S., Mittal, S.K., 2017

What we are watching-top global infectious disease threats, 2013-2016: An update from CDC's Global Disease Detection Operations Center, Health Security, 15(5), pp. 453-462., Christian, K.A., Iuliano, A.D., Uyeki, T.M., Mintz, E.D., Nichol, S.T., Rollin, P., Staples, J.E., Arthur, R.R., 2017

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Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD)

Assisting differential clinical diagnosis of cattle diseases using smartphone-based technology in low resource settings: A pilot study, BMC Veterinary Research, 13(1), art. no. 323., Beyene, T.J., Eshetu, A., Abdu, A., Wondimu, E., Beyi, A.F., Tufa, T.B., Ibrahim, S., Revie, C.W., 2017

Outbreak investigation and molecular diagnosis of lumpy skin disease among livestock in Saudi Arabia 2016, Transboundary and Emerging Diseases, Article in Press, Kasem, S., Saleh, M., Qasim, I., Hashim, O., Alkarar, A., Abu-Obeida, A., Gaafer, A., Hussien, R., Al-Sahaf, A., Al-Doweriej, A., Bayoumi, F., Hodhood, A., Abdelatif, M., 2017

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Peste des Petits Ruminants (PPR)

Comparative evaluation of three capripoxvirus-vectored peste des petits ruminants vaccines, Virology, 514, pp. 211-215., Fakri, F., Bamouh, Z., Ghzal, F., Baha, W., Tadlaoui, K., Fihri, O.F., Chen, W., Bu, Z., Elharrak, M., 2018

Confirmation and sequence analysis of N gene of PPRV in South Xinjiang, China, Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinaria e Zootecnia, 69(5), pp. 1105-1113., Liu, Y., Yang, B., Li, X., Wang, X., Zhang, L., Li, F., Zhao, L., 2017

Future research to underpin successful peste des petits ruminants virus (PPRV) eradication, Journal of General Virology, 98(11), art. no. 000944, pp. 2635-2644., Baron, M.D., Diop, B., Njeumi, F., Willett, B.J., Bailey, D., 2017

Immune effect of inactivated foot and mouth disease vaccine combined with live attenuated peste des petits ruminants vaccine or live Brucella vaccine, Chinese Journal of Biologicals, 30(9), pp. 897-900 and 905., Lu, L.-Z., Bai, Q., Reng, G.-T.,Yin, C.-Z., Ma, G.-T., Wang, Y., Huang, J., 2017

Impact of vaccine against peste-des-petits ruminants (PPR) in India: An analysis using economic surplus model, Indian Journal of Animal Sciences, 87(10), pp. 1176-1184., Bardhan, D., Singh, P.R., Kumar, S., Anandasekaran, G., Meraj, M., 2017

Peste des petits ruminants in Algeria: Viral circulation of PPRV between 2012 and 2015, Journal of Animal and Plant Sciences, 27(5), pp. 1522-1527., Baazizi, R., Khelef, D., Hussain, T., 2017

Risk factors and distribution for peste des petits ruminants (PPR) in Mainland China, Small Ruminant Research, Article in Press, Cao, Z., Jin, Y., Shen, T., Xu, F., Li, Y., 2017

Screening of peste des petits ruminants virus in a population of district Khairpur, Pakistan, Genetics and Molecular Research, 16(3), art. no. gmr16039679., Maitlo, A.K., Ujan, J.A., Ujjan, S.A., Ruk, M., Memon, B.A., Mahar, A.A., Ujjan, A.A., 2017

Spatiotemporal pattern of peste des petits ruminants and its relationship with meteorological factors in China, Preventive Veterinary Medicine, 147, pp. 194-198., Ma, J., Jianhua, X., Han, L., Xiang, G., Hao, C., Hongbin, W., 2017

Therapeutic response of West African dwarf goats infected with peste des petits ruminants whose oral lesions were treated with oxytetracycline long acting and gentian violet topical spray, Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Disease, 7(12), pp. 771-774., Ugochukwu, I.C.I., Ugochukwu, E.I., Chukwu, C.C., 2017

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Antibodies against rabies virus in dogs with and without history of vaccination in Santa Maria – RS – Brazil, Ciencia Rural, 47(11), art. no. e2017125., Fernandes, K.G., Martins, M., Amaral, B.P., Cargnelutti, J.F., Weiblen, R., Flores, E.F., 2017

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Rift Valley Fever

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West Nile Fever

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