Scientific Articles of Note Q3 2015



African Swine Fever

Comparison of virological methods applied on african swine fever diagnosis in Brazil, 1978, Revista Brasileira de Medicina Veterinaria, 37 ( 3 ), pp. 255 – 263, Freitas, T.R.P., De Souza, A.C., Esteves, E.G., De Paula Lyra, T.M., 2015.

Cost analysis of bluetongue virus serotype 8 surveillance and vaccination programmes in Austria from 2005 to 2013, Veterinary Journal, Article in Press, Pinior, B., Lebl, K., Firth, C., Rubel, F., Fuchs, R., Stockreiter, S., Loitsch, A., Köfer, J., 2015.

Genetic variation among African swine fever genotype II viruses, eastern and central Europe, Emerging Infectious Diseases, 20 ( 9 ), pp. 1544 – 1547, Gallardo, C., Fernández-Pinero, J., Pelayo, V., Gazaev, I., Markowska-Daniel, I., Pridotkas, G., Nieto, R., Fernández-Pacheco, P., Bokhan, S., Nevolko, O., Drozhzhe, Z., Pérez, C., Soler, A., Kolvasov, D., Arias, M., 2014.

On the situation of African swine fever and the biological characterization of recent virus isolates, Berliner und Münchener tierärztliche Wochenschrift, 128 ( 5 – 6 ), pp. 169 – 176, Tauscher, K., Pietschmann, J., Wernike, K., Teifke, J.P., Beer, M., Blome, S., 2015.

Overview of the perceived risk of transboundary pig diseases in South Africa, Journal of the South African Veterinary Association, 86 ( 1 ), pp. 1 – 9, Mokoele, J.M., van Rensburg, L.J., van Lochem, S., Bodenstein, H., du Plessis, J., Carrington, C.A.P., Tom Spencer, B., Fasina, F.O., 2015.

Sero-prevalence and risk factors associated with African swine fever on pig farms in southwest Nigeria, BMC Veterinary Research, 11 ( 1 ),  art. no. 133, Awosanya, E.J., Olugasa, B., Ogundipe, G., Grohn, Y.T., 2015.

Statistical exploration of local transmission routes for african swine fever in pigs in the Russian Federation, 2007-2014, Transboundary and Emerging Diseases,  Article in Press, Vergne, T., Gogin, A., Pfeiffer, D.U., 2015.

Survival of African swine fever virus in excretions from pigs experimentally infected with the Georgia 2007/1 isolate, Transboundary and Emerging Diseases, Article in Press, Davies, K., Goatley, L.C., Guinat, C., Netherton, C.L., Gubbins, S., Dixon, L.K., Reis, A.L., 2015.

When African swine fever plays at home - description of an outbreak in Namibia, Large Animal Review, 20 ( 6 ), pp. 249 – 251, Marruchella, G., Maseke, M., Scacchia, M., 2015.

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A review of knowledge gaps and tools for orbivirus research, Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases, 15 ( 6 ), pp. 339 – 347, Drolet, B.S., Van Rijn, P., Howerth, E.W., Beer, M., Mertens, P.P., 2015.

A review of OIE country status recovery using uaccinate-to-live versus vaccinate-to-die foot-and-mouth disease response policies II: waiting periods after emergency vaccination in FMD free countries, Transboundary and Emerging Diseases, 62 ( 4 ), pp. 388 – 406, Geale, D.W., Barnett, P.V., Clarke, G.W., Davis, J., Kasari, T.R., 2015.

Bluetongue virus in Oryx antelope (Oryx leucoryx) during the quarantine period in 2010 in Croatia, Veterinaria Italiana, 51 ( 2 ), pp. 139 – 143, Bosnić, S., Beck, R., Listeš, E., Lojkić, I., Savini, G., Roić, B., 2015.

Diagnostic tools for Bluetongue and epizootic hemorrhagic disease viruses applicable to North American veterinary diagnosticians, Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases, 15 ( 6 ), pp. 364 – 373, Wilson, W.C., Daniels, P., Ostlund, E.N., Johnson, D.E., Oberst, R.D., Hairgrove, T.B., Mediger, J., McIntosh, M.T., 2015.

Long-term persistence of vaccine-elicited Bluetongue serotype 8 neutralizing antibodies in dairy cattle, Large Animal Review, 20 ( 4 ), pp. 153 – 155, Mughini-Gras, L., Patregnani, T., Nardelli, S., Gagliazzo, L., Comin, A., Savini, G., Marangon, S., Bonfanti, L., 2015.

Management of North American Culicoides biting midges: current knowledge and research needs, Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases, 15 ( 6 ), pp. 374 – 384, Pfannenstiel, R.S., Mullens, B.A., Ruder, M.G., Zurek, L., Cohnstaedt, L.W., Nayduch, D., 2015.

Orbiviruses: A North American perspective, Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases, 15 ( 6 ), pp. 335 – 338, McVey, D.S., Drolet, B.S., Ruder, M.G., Wilson, W.C., Nayduch, D., Pfannenstiel, R., Cohnstaedt, L.W., MacLachlan, N.J., Gay, C.G., 2015.

Transmission and epidemiology of Bluetongue and Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease in North America: current perspectives, research gaps, and future directions, Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases, 15 ( 6 ), pp. 348 – 363, Ruder, M.G., Lysyk, T.J., Stallknecht, D.E., Foil, L.D., Johnson, D.J., Chase, C.C., Dargatz, D.A., Gibbs, E.P.J.,  2015.

Vaccines for prevention of Bluetongue and Epizootic Hemorrhagic disease in livestock: a North American perspective, Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases, 15 ( 6 ), pp. 385 – 396, McVey, D.S., MacLachlan, N.J., 2015.

Vaccination of cattle only is sufficient to stop FMDV transmission in mixed populations of sheep and cattle, Epidemiology and Infection, 143 ( 11 ), pp. 2279 – 2286, Bravo De Rueda, C., Dekker, A., Eblé, P.L., De Jong, M.C.M., 2015.

Vector species of Culicoides midges implicated in the 2012-2014 Bluetongue epidemics in Italy, Veterinaria Italiana, 51 ( 2 ), pp. 131 – 138, Goffredo, M., Catalani, M., Federici, V., Portanti, O., Marini, V., Mancini, G., Quaglia, M., Santilli, A., Teodori, L., Savini, G., 2015.

Whole genome sequence analysis of circulating Bluetongue virus serotype 11 strains from the United States including two domestic canine isolates, Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation, 27 ( 4 ), pp. 442 – 448, Gaudreault, N.N., Jasperson, D.C., Dubovi, E.J., Johnson, D.J., Ostlund, E.N., Wilson, W.C., 2015.

Widespread reassortment shapes the evolution and epidemiology of Bluetongue virus following European invasion, PLoS Pathogens, 11 ( 8 ), art. no. e100505623, 23p, Nomikou, K., Hughes, J., Wash, R., Kellam, P., Breard, E., Zientara, S., Palmarini, M., Biek, R., Mertens, P., 2015.

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Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD)

A Malaysia 97 monovalent foot-and-mouth disease vaccine (>6PD50/dose) protects pigs against challenge with a variant FMDV A SEA-97 lineage virus, 4 and 7 days post vaccination, Vaccine, 33 ( 36 ), pp. 4513 – 4519, Nagendrakumar, S.B., Hong, N.T.T., Geoffrey, F.T., Jacqueline, M.M., Andrew, D., Michelle, G., Van Phuc, K., Ngon, Q.V., Phuong, L.T.T., Phuc, N.N.H., Hanh, T.X., Van Hung, V., Quynhanh, L.T., Tan, T.M., Long, N.T., Wilna, V., 2015.

A new lineage of foot-and-mouth disease virus serotype O in India, Veterinaria Italiana, 51 ( 2 ), pp. 145 – 149, Subramaniam, S., Bisht, P., Mohapatra, J.K., Sanyal, A., Pattnaik, B., 2015.

Australian livestock disease modelling upgrades to 'multi-lane highway', Australian Veterinary Journal, 92 ( 7 ), p. N10, Vallis, R., 2014.

Challenges of pastoral cattle production in a sub-humid zone of Nigeria, Tropical Animal Health and Production, 47 ( 6 ), pp. 1177 – 1185, Suleiman, A., Jackson, E.L., Rushton, J., 2015.

Factors affecting the economic losses due to livestock diseases: A case study of district Faisalabad, Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 52 ( 2 ), pp. 515 – 520, Ashfaq, M., Razzaq, A., Hassan, S., Ul Haq, S., 2015.

Investigation of foot-and-mouth disease outbreaks in Uttar Pradesh, Indian Journal of Animal Sciences, 85 ( 8 ), pp. 861 – 864, Singh, R., Singh, A.P., Singh, U., Yadav, S.K., 2015.

Preliminary validation of direct detection of foot-and-mouth disease virus within clinical samples using reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification coupled with a simple lateral flow device for detection, PLoS ONE , 9 ( 8 ), art. no. e105630, Waters, R.A., Fowler, V.L., Armson, B., Nelson, N., Gloster, J., Paton, D.J., King, D.P., 2014.

SAT2 foot and mouth disease (FMD) outbreak in a mixed farm in Egypt, Berliner und Münchener tierärztliche Wochenschrift, 128 ( 5-6 ), pp. 188 – 192, Byom, A.M., 2015.

Serological survey of foot-and-mouth disease virus in buffaloes (Syncerus caffer) in Zambia, Veterinary Medicine International, 2015, art. no. 264528, Sikombe, T.K.W., Mweene, A.S., Muma, J., Kasanga, C., Sinkala, Y., Banda, F., Mulumba, M., Fana, E.M., Mundia, C., Simuunza, M., 2015.

Simultaneous immunization of cattle with foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) and live anthrax vaccines do not interfere with FMD booster responsesTrials in Vaccinology, 4, pp. 38 – 42, Trotta, M., Lahore, J., Cardoso, N., Melucci, O., Catena, M., Pérez-Filgueira, M., Fernández, F., Capozzo, A.V., 2015.

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Assessing the efficacy of general surveillance for detection of incursions of livestock diseases in Australia, Preventive Veterinary Medicine, 121 ( 3-4 ), pp. 215 – 230, Martin, P.A.J., Langstaff, I., Iglesias, R.M., East, I.J., Sergeant, E.S.G., Garner, M.G., 2015.

Cattle movement as a risk factor for epidemics, Schweizer Archiv fur Tierheilkunde, 157 ( 8 ), pp. 441 – 448, Hässig, M., Meier, A.B., Braun, U., Urech Hässig, B., Schmidt, R., Lewis, F., 2015.

Eradication of Transboundary Animal Diseases: Can the Rinderpest Success Story be Repeated?, Transboundary and Emerging Diseases, Article in Press, Thomson, G.R., Fosgate, G.T., Penrith, M.-L., 2015.

Participatory disease surveillance of transboundary animal diseases in south Azad Jammu and Kashmir,Pakistan Journal of Zoology, 47 ( 3 ), pp. 857 – 860, Ahmad, I., Durrani, A.Z., Ijaz, M., 2015.

Stabilizing Dog Populations and Improving Animal and Public Health Through a Participatory Approach in Indigenous Communities, Zoonoses and Public Health, 62 ( 6 ), pp. 445 – 455, Schurer, J.M., Phipps, K., Okemow, C., Beatch, H., Jenkins, E., 2015.

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A case report of avian influenza H7N9 killing a young doctor in Shanghai, China, BMC Infectious Diseases, 15 ( 1 ), art. no. 237, Pan, H., Zhang, X., Hu, J., Chen, J., Pan, Q., Teng, Z., Zheng, Y., Mao, S., Zhang, H., King, C.-C., Wu, F., 2015.

A returning migrant worker with avian influenza A (H7N9) virus infection in Guizhou, China: A case report, Journal of Medical Case Reports, 9 ( 1 ), art. no. 109, Wang, D., Tang, G., Huang, Y., Yu, C., Li, S., Zhuang, L., Fu, L., Wang, S., Li, N., Li, X., Yang, L., Lan, Y., Bai, T., Shu, Y., 2015.

Avian influenza. Enigmatic bird flu strain races across the U.S. Midwest, Science (New York, N.Y.), 348 ( 6236 ), pp. 741 – 742, Hvistendahl, M., 2015.

Avian influenza virus exhibits distinct evolutionary dynamics in wild birds and poultry, BMC Evolutionary Biology, Article in Press, Fourment, M., Holmes, E.C., 2015.

Avian zoonoses - A review, Bulletin of the Veterinary Institute in Pulawy, 59 ( 2 ), pp. 171 - 178, Kozdruń, W., Czekaj, H., Stys̈, N., 2015.

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Characteristics of commercial and traditional village poultry farming in Mali with a focus on practices influencing the risk of transmission of avian influenza and Newcastle disease, Acta Tropica, 150, pp. 14 – 22, Molia, S., Traoré, I., Kamissoko, B., Diakité, A., Sidibé, M.S., Sissoko, K.D., Pfeiffer, D.U., 2015.

Characterization of low pathogenic avian influenza Virus Subtype H9N2 isolated from free-living Mynah birds (Acridotheres tristis) in the Sultanate of Oman, Avian Diseases, 59 ( 2 ), pp. 329 – 334, Body, M.H., Alrarawahi, A.H., Alhubsy, S.S., Saravanan, N., Rajmony, S., Mansoor, M.K., 2015.

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Lumpy Skin Disease

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Peste des Petits Ruminants

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Rift Valley Fever

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West Nile Fever

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