Disease Reports of Note Q1 2016

The following is a selection of reports through the press. This does not include all outbreaks. It should be noted that more reports will be expected from countries with better surveillance systems, and frequency of reporting does not provide an indication of prevalence.

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Algeria Outbreak of Peste des Retits Ruminants (PPR) in goats and sheep.
Burundi Two outbreaks of African Swine fever. In total, 140 cases were reported across two farms. ASF occurred last year in the same areas, and was reported up to November.
Egypt First case of Avian Influenza H5N1 reported in a human for 2016. Egypt reported 160 human cases of H5N1 Avian Influenza during 2014-2015, by far the most cases the country has ever reported.
Ghana Two people have died, while 3 others are in hospital after consuming the meat of animals suspected to have been infected with anthrax in the Upper East region.
Ivory Coast Twelve more outbreaks of highly pathogenic Avian Influenza. The outbreaks were of the H5N1 strain, and were discovered through sampling of birds at markets.
Malawi Outbreak of African Swine fever. Over 100 pigs have been killed by the disease. The outbreak is suspected to have originated from neighbouring Mozambique.
Mali African Swine fever virus detected in swine.
Namibia Two outbreaks of Foot-and-mouth disease reported; one of serotype SAT 1; one not typed.
Nigeria Twenty-three more outbreaks of highly pathogenic Avian Influenza H5N1 strains have affected both backyard holdings and commercial farms. The spread of the disease is once again attributed to poor farm biosecurity.
Uganda Two cases of Rift Valley fever have been confirmed in the Kabale district; one patient died. A third case is suspected. Samples have been sent for verification.
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Armenia First occurrence of Lumpy Skin disease in the country. Outbreaks are found on cattle farms. The disease is suspected to have spread from Turkey.
Armenia New strain of Foot-and-mouth disease virus detected in cattle and swine; serotype A, topotype Asia, genotype VII.
Bangladesh Highly pathogenic Avian Influenza H5N1 reported in a crow. The infection is attributed to consumption of city waste.
China Outbreak of highly pathogenic Avian Influenza virus H5N6 in birds in Hong Kong.

Six human cases of H5N6 Avian Influenza have been reported. Three of the cases have occurred after patients had contact with live poultry or visited poultry markets.

China Three new cases of Avian Influenza H7N9 in humans.
Georgia Bluetongue virus detected in sheep; not typed.
Georgia Lumpy Skin disease reported.
Georgia First occurrence of Peste des Petits Ruminants virus; one outbreak in Tbilisi.

Outbreak of highly pathogenic Avian Influenza H5N1 in birds; 1760 cases.

India Cattle affected with Foot-and-mouth disease in the state of Punjab.
India Foot-and-mouth-disease outbreak suspected in Agra; 26 cattle dead.
South Korea Four more outbreaks of Foot-and-mouth disease at swine farms. The new cases follow after the initial outbreak in January, which was the first case of FMD since April 2015.
South Korea Ducks at a poultry farm near Seoul tested positive for a virulent strain of Avian Influenza, identified as H5N8. The discovery took place a month after the country regained its bird flu-free status.
Mongolia Three outbreaks of Classical Swine fever reported. In total, 272 cases were reported, and 419 pigs died as a result of the outbreak.
Taiwan An increase in the number of reports of highly pathogenic Avian Influenza at Taiwan farms. The rise is a result of the onset of cooler weather, when migrating birds mingle with domestic flocks.
Taiwan A pigeon was found to be infected with the new H5 subtype of the Avian Influenza virus, the first time that the highly pathogenic subtype had been detected in this bird species in Taiwan.
Thailand The second case of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) virus reported. The virus was detected in a 71-year-old Omani man traveling to Bangkok.
Vietnam Two more outbreaks of H5N6 highly pathogenic Avian Influenza have been discovered in backyard flocks, amounting to 1824 birds in total.
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Croatia Outbreak of Bluetongue virus in cattle, serotype 4, located close to the Hungarian border.

Five more Bluetongue outbreaks reported in four different regions of the country. The cases were detected in samples taken within the framework of analytical surveillance.


An Avian Influenza outbreak has been identified outside a restriction zone that was established last month to contain the highly infectious disease.

Greece One case of Equine Infectious Anaemia virus is identified; first occurrence.

Thirty-four new cases of African Swine fever in wild boar.

Norway The Norwegian Veterinary Institute has detected pandemic Avian Influenza A subtype H1N1 in turkeys from a breeder farm in Ostfold. Two persons working with the birds had been sick with flu-like symptoms. One of them has been diagnosed with pandemic H1N1 influenza.
Russia Russian veterinary authorities have detected African Swine fever (ASF) on farms in the annexed territory of Crimea, which until now had been free of the disease.
UK Low pathogenic Avian Influenza H5N1 affected a poultry farm in Scotland; 40,000 birds to be culled.
Ukraine African Swine Fever virus detected in wild boar and in swine.
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Middle East

Iran New strain of Foot-and-mouth disease reported; serotype A, genotype VII.

Foot-and-mouth disease virus; serotype O, detected in cattle.

Saudi Arabia As of 19 Mar 2016, there have been a total of 1354 laboratory-confirmed cases of MERS-CoV infection.
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North America

US – Indiana Over 400,000 birds were killed after a new strain of highly pathogenic Avian Influenza H7N8 virus was found at 10 poultry farms in southwest Indiana.
US – Indiana A population of 99 dogs has been affected with the Canine Influenza H3N2 virus, a serious type of respiratory infection.
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(No reports available at this time)

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South America

Ecuador First occurrence of the Bluetongue virus; not typed. The virus was detected as part of the 2015 annual monitoring for the detection of diseases in cattle.
Peru Venezuelan Equine Encephalomyelitis reported.
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