Scientific Articles of Note Q2 2016



African Horse Sickness

African horse sickness virus serotype 4 antigens, VP1-1, VP2-2, VP4, VP7 and NS3, induce cytotoxic T cell responses in vitro, Virus Research, 220, pp. 12-20, Faber, F.E., van Kleef, M., Tshilwane, S.I., Pretorius, A., 2016.

Detection of African horse sickness virus in Culicoides imicola pools using RT-qPCR, Journal of Vector Ecology, 41 ( 1 ), pp. 179-185, de Waal, T., Liebenberg, D., Venter, G.J., Mienie, C.M., van Hamburg, H., 2016.

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African Swine Fever

Eradicating African swine fever, International Pest Control, 57 ( 1 ), pp. 52-54, 2015.

Identification of a New Genotype of African Swine Fever Virus in Domestic Pigs from Ethiopia, Transboundary and Emerging Diseases, Article in Press, Achenbach, J.E., Gallardo, C., Nieto-Pelegrín, E., Rivera-Arroyo, B., Degefa-Negi, T., Arias, M., Jenberie, S., Mulisa, D.D., Gizaw, D., Gelaye, E., Chibssa, T.R., Belaye, A., Loitsch, A., Forsa, M., Yami, M., Diallo, A., Soler, A., Lamien, C.E., Sánchez-Vizcaíno, J.M., 2016.

Immunological conception of African swine fever, Zoology and Ecology, Article in Press, Makarov, V., Nedosekov, V., Sereda, A., Matvienko, N., 2016.

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Antigenic evidence of bluetongue virus from small ruminant population of two different geographical regions of Odisha, India, Veterinary World, 9 ( 3 ), pp. 304-307, Pany, S.S., Biswas, S.K., Chand, K., Mohanty, N.N., Sarangi, L.N., Mondal, B., Panda, H.K., 2016.

Blue tongue - A modelling examination of fundamentals - Seasonality and chaos, Journal of Theoretical Biology, 403, pp. 17-29, Thornley, J.H.M., France, J., 2016.

Bluetongue in France: a role for wildlife in the latest outbreaks?, The Veterinary Record, 177 ( 18 ), p. 455, 2015.

Bluetongue virus NS4 protein is an interferon antagonist and a determinant of virus virulence, Journal of Virology, 90 ( 11 ), pp. 5427-5439, Ratinier, M., Shaw, A.E., Barry, G., Gu, Q., Di Gialleonardo, L., Janowicz, A., Varela, M., Randall, R.E., Caporale, M., Palmarini, M., 2016.

Chief veterinary officer's update: Bluetongue: Vets and farmers urged to remain vigilant, Veterinary Record, 178 ( 17 ), p. 410, Gibbens, N., 2016.

Climate change influences on the global potential distribution of bluetongue virus, PLoS ONE,
11 ( 3 ), art. no. e0150489, Samy, A.M., Peterson, A.T., 2016.

Comparison of the humoral response between sheep vaccinated with a killed-virus vaccine and those vaccinated with a modified-live virus vaccine against bluetongue virus serotype 17, Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, 248 ( 9 ), pp. 1043-1049, Speiser, K.L., Schumaker, B.A., Cook, W.E., Cornish, T.E., Cammack, K.M., Miller, M.M., 2016.

Detection and isolation of Bluetongue virus from commercial vaccine batches, Vaccine, Article in Press, Bumbarov, V., Golender, N., Erster, O., Khinich, Y., 2015.

European bluetongue serotype 8: Disease threat assessment for U.S. sheep, Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases, 16 ( 6 ), pp. 400-407, Drolet, B.S., Reister-Hendricks, L.M., Podell, B.K., Breitenbach, J.E., Mcvey, D.S., Van Rijn, P.A., Bowen, R.A., 2016.

First detection of bluetongue virus serotype 14 in Poland, Archives of Virology, Article in Press, Orłowska, A., Trębas, P., Smreczak, M., Marzec, A., Żmudziński, J.F., 2016.

France to roll out bluetongue vaccination following outbreak, The Veterinary Record, 177 ( 11 ), p. 271, 2015.

New regions of France affected by bluetongue, The Veterinary Record, 177 ( 23 ), p. 585, 2015.

Understanding spatio-temporal variability in the reproduction ratio of the bluetongue (BTV-1) epidemic in Southern Spain (Andalusia) in 2007 using epidemic trees, PLoS ONE, 11 ( 3 ), art. no. e0151151, Napp, S., Allepuz, A., Purse, B.V., Casal, J., García-Bocanegra, I., Burgin, L.E., Searle, K.R., 2016.

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Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD)

Altered adjuvant of foot-and-mouth disease vaccine improves immune response and protection from virus challenge, Trials in Vaccinology, 5, pp. 97–104, Park, M.-E., Lee, S.-Y., Kim, R.-H., Ko, M.-K., Park, J.-N., Lee, K.-N., Kim, S.-M., Choi, J.-H., You, S.-H., Kim, B., Lee, J.-S., Park, J.-H., 2016.

Attenuation of the adverse effects caused by the foot-and-mouth disease vaccination in pigs, The Veterinary Record, 177 ( 19 ), p. 494 , Kim, H.B., Kim, S.C., Lee, S.I., Kim, I.H., 2015.

Description of Events Where African Buffaloes (Syncerus caffer) Strayed from the Endemic Foot-and-Mouth Disease Zone in South Africa, 1998-2008, Transboundary and Emerging Diseases, 63 ( 3 ), pp. 333-347, van Schalkwyk, O.L., Knobel, D.L., de Clercq, E.M., de Pus, C., Hendrickx, G., Van den Bossche, P., 2016.

Effect of foot-and-mouth disease virus infection on the frequency, phenotype and function of circulating dendritic cells in cattle, PLoS ONE, 11 ( 3 ), art. no. e0152192, Sei, J.J., Waters, R.A., Kenney, M., Barlow, J.W., Golde, W.T., 2016.

Efficacy of expired foot-and-mouth disease O type vaccines in cattle and buffalo in Lao People's Democratic Republic, Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly, 50 ( 2 ), pp. 163-168, Sakamoto, K., Morioka, K., Fukai, K., Yamamoto, T., Tsutsui, T., Muroga, N., Ojima, N., Mago, J., Katagiri, Y., Aviso, S.R., Phouaravanh, M., Soukvilay, V., Keokhamphet, C., Buranathai, C., Khounsy, S., Yamada, M, 2016.

Emergence of antigenic variants within serotype A FMDV in the Middle East with antigenically critical amino acid substitutions, Vaccine, 34 ( 27 ), pp. 3199-3206, Mahapatra, M., Statham, B., Li, Y., Hammond, J., Paton, D., Parida, S., 2016.

Enhanced immune response to foot-and-mouth disease vaccine by oral administration of ginseng stem-leaf saponins, Immunopharmacology and Immunotoxicology, pp. 1-7 . Article in Press, Li, R., Ma, Y., Zhai, L., Lu, Y., Chi, X., Wu, J., Hu, S., 2016.

Field application of a combined pig and poultry market chain and risk pathway analysis within the Pacific Islands region as a tool for targeted disease surveillance and biosecurity, Preventive Veterinary Medicine, 129, pp. 13-22, Brioudes, A., Gummow, B., 2016.

Foot-and-Mouth Disease Impact on Smallholders - What Do We Know, What Don't We Know and How Can We Find Out More?, Transboundary and Emerging Diseases, Knight-Jones, T.J.D., Mclaws, M., Rushton, J., 2016.

Heterogeneity in a communal cattle-farming system in a zone endemic for foot and mouth disease in South Africa, Geospatial Health, 11 ( 2 ), art. no. 338 , pp. 83-94, van Schalkwyk, O.L., De Clercq, E.M., De Pus, C., Hendrickx, G., van den Bossche, P., Knobel, D.L., 2016.

New technologies to diagnose and monitor infectious diseases of livestock: challenges for sub-Saharan Africa, The Veterinary Record, 177 ( 19 ), p. 494, King, D.P., Madi, M., Mioulet, V., Wadsworth, J., Wright, C.F., Valdazo-González, B., Ferris, N.P., Knowles, N.J., Hammond, J., 2016.

Prevalence and risk factors for foot and mouth disease infection in cattle in Israel, Preventive Veterinary Medicine, 130, pp. 51-59 , Elnekave, E., van Maanen, K., Shilo, H., Gelman, B., Storm, N., Abed El Khaliq, M., Sharir, B., Berke, O., Klement, E., 2016.

Quantitative detection of the foot-and- mouth disease virus serotype O 146S antigen for vaccine production using a double-antibody sandwich ELISA and nonlinear standard curves, PLoS ONE, 11 ( 3 ), art. no. e0149569, Feng, X., Ma, J.-W., Sun, S.-Q., Guo, H.-C., Yang, Y.-M., Jin, Y., Zhou, G.-Q., He, J.-J., Guo, J.-H., Qi, S.-Y., Lin, M., Cai, H., Liu, X.-T., 2016.

Quantitative effects of a declaration of a state of emergency on foot-and-mouth disease, Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine, pp. 237-247, Yamauchi, T., Takeuchi, S., Horii, Y., Yamano, Y., Kuroda, Y., Nakadate, T., 2016.

Serum neutralization titers and protective efficacy induced by foot and mouth disease virus inactivated vaccine with different 146s particles concentrations in cattle, Pakistan Veterinary Journal, 36 ( 2 ), pp. 204-208, Bazid, A.-H.I., El-Ashmawy, W.R., El-Sayed, M., 2016.

Simulating the transmission of foot-and-mouth disease among mobile herds in the far North Region, Cameroon, JASSS, 19 ( 2 ), art. no. 617, Kim, H., Xiao, N., Moritz, M., Garabed, R., Pomeroy, L.W., 2016.

The African buffalo: a villain for inter-species spread of infectious diseases in southern Africa, The Onderstepoort journal of veterinary research, 79 ( 2 ), p. 453, Michel, A.L., Bengis, R.G., 2016.

Transmission of foot-and-mouth disease SAT2 viruses at the wildlife-livestock interface of two major transfrontier conservation areas in Southern Africa, Frontiers in Microbiology, 7 ( APR ), art. no. 528, Brito, B.P., Jori, F., Dwarka, R., Maree, F.F., Heath, L., Perez, A.M., 2016.

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Special report no 06/2016: Eradication, control and monitoring programmes to contain animal diseases,

Zika virus: The latest newcomer, Frontiers in Microbiology, 7 ( APR ),  art. no. 496, Saiz, J.-C., Vázquez-Calvo, Á., Blázquez, A.B., Merino-Ramos, T., Escribano-Romero, E., Martín-Acebes, M.A., 2016.

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Active screening and surveillance in the United Kingdom for Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus in returning travellers and pilgrims from the Middle East: A prospective descriptive study for the period 2013-2015, International Journal of Infectious Diseases, Article in Press, Atabani, S.F., Wilson, S., Overton-Lewis, C., Workman, J., Kidd, I.M., Petersen, E., Zumla, A., Smit, E., Osman, H., 2016.

Advances in novel influenza vaccines: a patent review, Journal of Microbiology, 54 ( 6 ), pp. 403-412, Song, J.-M., 2016.

Analytical solutions for an avian influenza epidemic model incorporating spatial spread as a diffusive process, East Asian Journal on Applied Mathematics, 5 ( 2 ), pp. 150-159, Thiuthad, P., Manoranjan, V.S., Lenbury, Y., 2015.

Avian influenza and SARS: Epidemiology, global patterns and clinical management, Avian Influenza and SARS: Epidemiology, Global Patterns and Clinical Management, pp. 1-120, Benson, H., 2015.

Avian influenza viruses found in Northwestern states, Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, 246 ( 6 ), p. 583, Cima, G., 2015.

Avian recombinant virus H5N1 influenza (A/VIETNAM/1203/04) and its escape-mutant m13(13) induce early signaling reactions of the immunity in human lymphocytes, Voprosy virusologii, 61 ( 1 ), pp. 21-26, Sokolova, T.M., Poloskov, V.V., Shuvalov, A.N., Rudneva, I.A., Ershov, F.I., 2016.

Clinical, epidemiological and virological characteristics of the first detected human case of avian influenza A(H5N6) virus, Infection, Genetics and Evolution, 40, pp. 236-242, Zhang, R., Chen, T., Ou, X., Liu, R., Yang, Y., Ye, W., Chen, J., Yao, D., Sun, B., Zhang, X., Zhou, J., Sun, Y., Chen, F., Wang, S.-P., 2016.

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Cross-protection of newly emerging HPAI H5 viruses by neutralizing human monoclonal antibodies: A viable alternative to oseltamivir, mAbs, Article in Press, Ren, H., Wang, G., Wang, S., Chen, H., Chen, Z., Hu, H., Cheng, G., Zhou, P., 2016.

Detection of Avian Influenza Virus in Environmental Samples Collected from Live Poultry Markets in China during 2009-2013, Bing du xue bao = Chinese journal of virology / [bian ji, Bing du xue bao bian ji wei yuan hui], 31 ( 6 ), pp. 615-619, Zhang, Y., Li, X., Zou, S., Bo, H., Dong, L., Gao, R., Wang, D., Shu, Y., 2016.

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pp. 385-410, 2016.

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Lumpy Skin Disease

Allergic wheals, abortion and lumpy skin disease, Veterinary Record, 178 ( 20 ), pp. 508-509, Morgan, K.L., 2016.

Detection and isolation of Bluetongue virus from commercial vaccine batches, Vaccine, Article in Press, Bumbarov, V., Golender, N., Erster, O., Khinich, Y., 2015.

Lumpy skin disease: A direct threat to Europe, Veterinary Record, 178 ( 22 ), pp. 557-558, Beard, P.M., 2016.

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Peste des Petits Ruminants (PPR)

Assessment of the antibody response to Peste des petits ruminants (PPR) disease vaccination in a flock of Sirohi goat kids, Small Ruminant Research, 138, pp. 20-24, Gowane, G.R., Akram, N., Misra, S.S., Prakash, V., Kumar, A, 2016.

Economic losses associated with Peste des petits ruminants in Turkana County Kenya, Pastoralism,
5 ( 1 ), art. no. 9, Kihu, S.M., Gitao, G.C., Bebora, L.C., John, N.M., Wairire, G.G., Maingi, N., Wahome, R.G., 2016.

Evaluation of Risk Factors for Peste des Petits Ruminants Virus in Sheep and Goats at the Wildlife-Livestock Interface in Punjab Province, Pakistan, BioMed Research International, 2016, art. no. 7826245, Rahman, A.-U., Abubakar, M., Rasool, M.H., Manzoor, S., Saqalein, M., Rizwan, M., Munir, M., Ali, Q., Wensman, J.J., 2016.

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Seroprevalence and molelecular detection of peste des petits ruminants virus (PPRV) in different breeds of sheep and goat of Punjab (Pakistan) and its status in gravid animals, Pakistan Journal of Life and Social Sciences, 14 ( 1 ), pp. 12-17, Jalees, M.M., Hussain, I., Arshad, M., Mohammad, G., Khan, Q.M., 2016.

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A benefit-cost analysis decision framework for mitigation of disease transmission at the wildlife-livestock interface, Human-Wildlife Interactions, 10 ( 1 ), pp. 91-102, Shwiff, S.A., Sweeney, S.J., Elser, J.L., Miller, R.S., Farnsworth, M.L., Nol, P., Shwiff, S.S., Anderson, A.M., 2016.

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West Nile Fever

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