Scientific Articles of Note Q3 2016

A list of scientific articles published during the last quarter with hyperlinks for ease of access. The focus is on field and epidemiological papers, with relevance for those working in this area.

African Horse Sickness

African horse sickness: The potential for an outbreak in disease-free regions and current disease control and elimination techniques, Equine Veterinary Journal, Article in Press, Robin, M., Page, P., Archer, D., Baylis, M., 2016.

Developing vaccines against African horse sickness, Veterinary Record, 179 ( 5 ), p. 128, Newton, R., 2016.

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African Swine Fever

African swine fever diagnosis adapted to tropical conditions by the use of dried-blood filter papers, Transboundary and Emerging Diseases, 63 ( 4 ), pp. 379-388, Randriamparany, T., Kouakou, K.V., Michaud, V., Fernández-Pinero, J., Gallardo, C., Le Potier, M.-F., Rabenarivahiny, R., Couacy-Hymann, E., Raherimandimby, M., Albina, E., 2016.

A mathematical model that simulates control options for African swine fever virus (ASFV), PLoS ONE,11 ( 7 ), art. no. e0158658, Barongo, M.B., Bishop, R.P., Fèvre, E.M., Knobel, D.L., Ssematimba, A., 2016.

Genetic characterization of circulating African swine fever viruses in Nigeria (2007-2015), Transboundary and Emerging Diseases, Article in Press, Luka, P.D., Achenbach, J.E., Mwiine, F.N., Lamien, C.E., Shamaki, D., Unger, H., Erume, J., 2016.

Investigation into the epidemiology of African swine fever virus at the wildlife – domestic interface of the Gorongosa National Park, central Mozambique, Transboundary and Emerging Diseases, 63 ( 4 ), pp. 443- 451, Quembo, C.J., Jori, F., Heath, L., Pérez-Sánchez, R., Vosloo, W., 2016.

Modelling African swine fever presence and reported abundance in the Russian Federation using national surveillance data from 2007 to 2014, Spatial and Spatio-temporal Epidemiology, Article in Press, Vergne, T., Korennoy, F., Combelles, L., Gogin, A., Pfeiffer, D.U., 2016.

The costs of preventive activities for exotic contagious diseases—A Danish case study of foot and mouth disease and swine fever, Preventive Veterinary Medicine, 131, pp. 111-120, Denver, S., Alban, L., Boklund, A., Houe, H., Mortensen, S., Rattenborg, E., Tamstorf, T.V., Zobbe, H., Christensen, T., 2016.

Update on the risk of introduction of African swine fever by wild boar into disease-free European Union countries, Transboundary and Emerging Diseases, Article in Press, Bosch, J., Rodríguez, A., Iglesias, I., Muñoz, M.J., Jurado, C., Sánchez-Vizcaíno, J.M., de la Torre, A., 2016.

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Bluetongue: Indian perspective, Acta Virologica, 59 ( 4 ), pp. 317-337, Ranjan, K., Minakshi, P., Prasad, G., 2015.

Defeating Bluetongue virus: New approaches in the development of multiserotype vaccines, Future Virology, 11 ( 7 ), pp. 535-548, Marín-López, A., Barriales, D., Moreno, S., Ortego, J., Calvo-Pinilla, E., 2016.

Emergence of a Novel Bluetongue Virus Serotype, China 2014, Transboundary and Emerging Diseases, Article in Press, Sun, E.C., Huang, L.P., Xu, Q.Y., Wang, H.X., Xue, X.M., Lu, P., Li, W.J., Liu, W., Bu, Z.G., Wu, D.L., 2016.

Experimental bluetongue virus superinfection in calves previously immunized with bluetongue virus serotype 8, Veterinary Research, 47 ( 1 ), art. no. 73, Martinelle, L., Dal Pozzo, F., Sarradin, P., Van Campe, W., De Leeuw, I., De Clercq, K., Thys, C., Thiry, E., Saegerman, C., 2016.

Isolation of bluetongue virus 24 from India – An exotic serotype to Australasia, Transboundary and Emerging Diseases, 63 ( 4 ), pp. 360-364, Krishnajyothi, Y., Maan, S., Kandimalla, K., Maan, N.S., Tutika, R.B., Reddy, Y.V., Kumar, A., Mrunalini, N., Reddy, G.H., Putty, K., Ahmed, S.M., Reddy, Y.N., Hemadri, D., Singh, K.P., Mertens, P.P.C., Hegde, N.R., Rao, P.P., 2016.

Perceived risk and personality traits explaining heterogeneity in Dutch dairy farmers’ beliefs about vaccination against Bluetongue, Journal of Risk Research, pp. 1-17,  Article in Press, Sok, J., Hogeveen, H., Elbers, A.R.W., Oude Lansink, A.G.J.M., 2016.

Serological survey of viral diseases relating to reproductive failure among Artiodactyla in Ethiopian Camelus dromedarius, Microbiology and Immunology, 60 ( 7 ), pp. 506-510, Melaku, S.K., Regassa, F., Tessema, T.S., Dawo, F., Oguma, K., Nagayama, K., Sentsui, H., 2016.

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Foot-And-Mouth Disease (FMD)

Analysis of factors associated with hesitation to restart farming after depopulation of animals due to 2010 foot-and-mouth disease epidemic in Japan, Journal of Veterinary Medical Science,78 ( 8 ), pp. 1251-1259, Kadowaki, H., Kayano, T., Tobinaga, T., Tsutsumi, A., Watari, M., Makita, K., 2016.

Detection of multiple viral infections in cattle and buffalo with suspected vesicular disease in Brazil, Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation, 28 ( 4 ), pp. 377-381. Laguardia-Nascimento, M., Sales, É.B., Gasparini, M.R., de Souza, N.M., da Silva, J.A.G., Souza, G.G., Carani, F.R., dos Santos, A.F., Rivetti Júnior, A.V., Camargos, M.F., Fonseca Júnior, A.A., 2016.

Economic effects of foot and mouth disease outbreaks along the cattle marketing chain in Uganda, Veterinary World9 ( 6 ), pp. 544-553, Baluka, S.A., 2016.

Genomics and outbreaks: Foot and mouth disease, OIE Revue Scientifique et Technique35 ( 1 ), pp. 175-189, Freimanis, G.L., Di Nardo, A., Bankowska, K., King, D.J., Wadsworth, J., Knowles, N.J., King, D.R., 2016.

GFRA global foot-and-mouth disease research update and gap analysis, Transboundary and Emerging Diseases, 63 ( 4 ), pp. 351-352, Vosloo, W., Knight-Jones, T.J.D., 2016.

Household financial status and gender perspectives in determining the financial impact of foot and mouth disease in Lao PDR, Transboundary and Emerging Diseases, 63 ( 4 ), pp. 398-407, Nampanya, S., Khounsy, S., Abila, R., Dy, C., Windsor, P.A., 2016.

Protection induced by a commercial bivalent vaccine against Foot-and-Mouth disease 2010 field virus from Ecuador, Vaccine, Article in Press, Duque, H., Naranjo, J., Carrillo, C., Burbano, A., Vargas, J., Pauszek, L., Olesen, I., Sanchez-Vazquez, M.J., Cosivi, O., Allende, R.M., 2016.

Redefining the "carrier" state for foot-and-mouth disease from the dynamics of virus persistence in endemically affected cattle populations, Scientific Reports, 6, art. no. 29059, Bronsvoort, B.M.D.C., Handel, I.G., Nfon, C.K., Sørensen, K.-J., Malirat, V., Bergmann, I., Tanya, V.N., Morgan, K.L., 2016.

Retrospective economic analysis of foot and mouth disease eradication in the Latin American beef sector, Agribusiness, Article in Press, Countryman, A.M., Hagerman, A.D., 2016.

Seroprevalence of foot-and-mouth disease in large ruminants in periurban dairy farms near Islamabad, Pakistan, Asian Biomedicine, 10 ( 2 ), pp. 123-127, Farooq, U., Ullah, A., Irshad, H., Latif, A., Naeem, K., Zahur, A.B., Ahmad, Z., Rodriguez, L.L., 2016.

Tracking the antigenic evolution of foot-and-mouth disease virus, PLoS ONE, 11 ( 7 ), art. no. e0159360, Reeve, R., Borley, D.W., Maree, F.F., Upadhyaya, S., Lukhwareni, A., Esterhuysen, J.J., Harvey, W.T., Blignaut, B., Fry, E.E., Parida, S., Paton, D.J., Mahapatra, M., 2016.

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Zika virus: a new arboviral public health problem, Folia Microbiologica, Article in Press, pp. 1-5, Demir, T., Kilic, S., 2016.

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A human case died by avian influenza A (H5N6) infection in Jiangxi Province, China: An epidemiological and clinical survey, International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, 9 ( 7 ), pp. 14848–14856, Zhang, T., Liao, Y., Fu, W., Xie, Y., Liu, X., 2016.

A pallid rainbow: Toward improved understanding of avian influenza biology, Future Virology, 11 ( 6 ) pp. 429-437, Harder, T., Stech, J., Abdelwhab, E.-S.M., Veits, J., Conraths, F.J., Beer, M., Mettenleiter, T.C., 2016.

Development and validation of a blocking ELISA test for the detection of avian influenza antibodies in poultry species, Journal of Virological Methods, 236 pp. 47-53, Henriques, A.M., Fagulha, T., Barros, S.C., Ramos, F., Duarte, M., Luís, T., Fevereiro, M., 2016.

Economic growth, urbanization, globalization, and the risks of emerging infectious diseases in China: A review, Ambio, pp. 1-12,  Article in Press, Wu, T., Perrings, C., Kinzig, A., Collins, J.P., Minteer, B.A., Daszak, P., 2016.

Effects of closing and reopening live poultry markets on the epidemic of human infection with avian influenza A virus, Journal of Biomedical Research, 30 ( 2 ), pp. 112-119, Lu, J., Liu, W., Xia, R., Dai, Q., Bao, C., Tang, F., Zhu, Y., Wang, Q., 2016.

Genetic characteristics of highly pathogenic H5N8 avian influenza viruses isolated from migratory wild birds in South Korea during 2014-2015, Archives of Virology, pp. 1-16,  Article in Press, Si, Y.-J., Choi, W.S., Kim, Y.-I., Lee, I.-W., Kwon, H.-I., Park, S.-J., Kim, E.-H., Kim, S.M., Kwon, J.-J., Song, M.-S., Kim, C.-J., Choi, Y.-K., 2016.

Highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 Clade virus in migratory birds, 2014–2015, Virologica Sinica, pp. 1-6, Article in Press, Bi, Y., Chen, J., Zhang, Z., Li, M., Cai, T., Sharshov, K., Susloparov, I., Shestopalov, A., Wong, G., He, Y., Xing, Z., Sun, J., Liu, D., Liu, Y., Liu, L., Liu, W., Lei, F., Shi, W., Gao, G.F., 2016.

Influenza A (H10N7) virus causes respiratory tract disease in harbor seals and ferrets, PLoS ONE,11 ( 7 ), art. no. e0159625, Van Den Brand, J.M.A., Wohlsein, P., Herfst, S., Bodewes, R., Pfankuche, V.M., Van De Bildt, M.W.G., Seehusen, F., Puff, C., Richard, M., Siebert, U., Lehnert, K., Bestebroer, T., Lexmond, P., Fouchier, R.A.M., Prenger-Berninghoff, E., Herbst, W., Koopmans, M., Osterhaus, A.D.M.E., Kuiken, T., Baumgärtner, W., 2016.

Investigating poultry trade patterns to guide avian influenza surveillance and control: A case study in Vietnam, Scientific Reports, 6, art. no. 29463, Fournié, G., Tripodi, A., Nguyen, T.T.T., Nguyen, V.T., Tran, T.T., Bisson, A., Pfeiffer, D.U., Newman, S.H., 2016.

Novel avian influenza A (H5N6) viruses isolated in migratory waterfowl before the first human case reported in China, 2014, Scientific Reports, 6 , art. no. 29888, Bi, Y., Liu, H., Xiong, C., Di Liu, Shi, W., Li, M., Liu, S., Chen, J., Chen, G., Li, Y., Yang, G., Lei, Y., Xiong, Y., Lei, F., Wang, H., Chen, Q., Chen, J., Gao, G.F., 2016.

Novel reassortant avian influenza a(H5N6) viruses in Humans, Guangdong, China, 2015, Emerging Infectious Diseases, 22 ( 8 ), pp. 1507-1509, Shen, Y.-Y., Ke, C.-W., Li, Q., Yuan, R.-Y., Xiang, D., Jia, W.-X., Yu, Y.-D., Liu, L., Huang, C., Qi, W.-B., Sikkema, R., Wu, J., Koopmans, M., Liao, M., 2016.

Risk of introduction in Northern Vietnam of HPAI viruses from China: Description, pPatterns and drivers of illegal poultry trade, Transboundary and Emerging Diseases, 63 ( 4 ), pp. 389-397, Desvaux, S., Nguyen, C.O., Vu, D.T., Henriquez, C., Ky, V.D., Roger, F., Fenwick, S., Goutard, F., 2016.

Seroprevalence of avian influenza in broilers of district Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan, Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research, 7 ( 4 ), pp. 1378-1384, Arif, M., Rind, R.U., Shah, M.G., Nisha, A.R., Umer, M., Kaka, U., Zaman, A., Tariq, M., Rehman, S.A., Hasan, S.M., Khan, M.S., 2016.

Simultaneous subtyping and pathotyping of avian influenza viruses in chickens in Taiwan using reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification and microarray, Journal of Veterinary Medical Science, 78 ( 8 ), pp. 1223–1228, Wang, L.-C., Huang, D., Chen, H.-W., 2016.

The avian-origin H3N2 canine influenza virus that recently emerged in the United States has limited replication in swine, Influenza and other Respiratory Viruses, 10 ( 5 ), pp. 429-432, Abente, E.J., Anderson, T.K., Rajao, D.S., Swenson, S., Gauger, P.C., Vincent, A.L., 2016.

The enigma of the apparent disappearance of Eurasian highly pathogenic H5 clade influenza A viruses in North American waterfowl, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 113 ( 32 ), pp. 9033-9038, Krauss, S., Stallknecht, D.E., Slemons, R.D., Bowman, A.S., Poulson, R.L., Nolting, J.M., Knowles, J.P., Webster, R.G., 2016.

Transmission of influenza reflects seasonality of wild birds across the annual cycle, Ecology Letters, 19 ( 8 ), pp. 915 925, Hill, N.J., Ma, E.J., Meixell, B.W., Lindberg, M.S., Boyce, W.M., Runstadler, J.A., Blasius, B., 2016.

Use of wildlife rehabilitation centres in pathogen surveillance: A case study in white storks (Ciconia ciconia), Preventive Veterinary Medicine, 130, pp. 106-111, Camacho, M., Hernández, J.M., Lima-Barbero, J.F., Höfle, U., 2016.

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Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD)

Epizootology and molecular diagnosis of lumpy skin disease among livestock in Azerbaijan, Frontiers in Microbiology, 7 (JUNE), art. no. 1022, Zeynalova, S., Asadov, K., Guliyev, F., Vatani, M., Aliyev, V., 2016.

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Peste des Petits Ruminants (PPR)

Assessment of immune response to a lyophilized peste-des-petits-ruminants virus vaccine in three different breeds of goats, Veterinary World, 9 ( 6 ), pp. 568-571, Begum, S.S., Mahato, G., Sharma, P., Hussain, M., Saleque, A., 2016.

Emergence of lineage IV peste des petits ruminants virus in Ethiopia: Complete genome sequence of an Ethiopian isolate 2010, Transboundary and Emerging Diseases, 63 ( 4 ), pp. 435-442, Muniraju, M., Mahapatra, M., Ayelet, G., Babu, A., Olivier, G., Munir, M., Libeau, G., Batten, C., Banyard, A.C., Parida, S., 2016.

Impact and epidemiological investigations into the incursion and spread of peste des petits ruminants in the Comoros Archipelago: An increased threat to surrounding islands, Transboundary and Emerging Diseases, 63 ( 4 ), pp. 452-459, Cêtre-Sossah, C., Kwiatek, O., Faharoudine, A., Soulé, M., Moutroifi, Y.O., Vrel, M.A., Salami, H., Rassoul, S., Asnaoui, M., Moindjie, Y., Albina, E., Libeau, G., Cardinale, E., 2016.

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A systematic review of human bat rabies virus variant cases: Evaluating unprotected physical contact with claws and teeth in support of accurate risk assessments, PLoS ONE, 11 ( 7 ), art. no. e0159443, Dato, V.M., Campagnolo, E.R., Long, J., Rupprecht, C.E., 2016.

Development of infectious clones of a wild-type Korean rabies virus and evaluation of their pathogenic potential, Virus Research, 223, pp. 122-130, Park, J.-S., Kim, C.-K., Um, J.-H., Ju, Y.R., Lee, Y.S., Choi, Y.-K., Kim, S.Y., 2016.

Dog ecology and barriers to canine rabies control in the Republic of Haiti, 2014-2015, Transboundary and Emerging Diseases, Article in Press, Schildecker, S., Millien, M., Blanton, J.D., Boone, J., Emery, A., Ludder, F., Fenelon, N., Crowdis, K., Destine, A., Etheart, M., Wallace, R.M., 2016.

Dogs that develop rabies post-vaccination usually manifest the paralytic subtype, Preventive Veterinary Medicine, 131, pp. 64-66, Tepsumethanon, V., Likitsuntonwong, W., Thorner, P.S., Shuangshoti, S., 2016.

Evaluation of rabies suspected bites in an immunization center, TAF Preventive Medicine Bulletin,15 ( 3 ), pp. 248-251, Tok, D., Akçaer, M., Coşkun, Ö., Karakaş, A., Çekli, Y., 2016.

Geographical analysis for detecting high-risk areas for bovine/human rabies transmitted by the common hematophagous bat in the Amazon region, Brazil, PLoS ONE, 11 ( 7 ) , art. no. e0157332, De Andrade, F.A.G., Gomes, M.N., Uieda, W., Begot, A.L., Ramos, O.D.S., Fernandes, M.E.B., 2016.

Intracellular spread of rabies virus Is reduced in the paralytic form of canine rabies compared to the furious form, PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 10 ( 6 ), art. no. e0004748, Shuangshoti, S., Thorner, P.S., Teerapakpinyo, C., Thepa, N., Phukpattaranont, P., Intarut, N., Lumlertdacha, B., Tepsumethanon, V., Hemachudha, T., 2016.

Livestock rabies outbreaks in Shanxi province, China, Archives of Virology, pp. 1-4 , Article in Press, Feng, Y., Shi, Y., Yu, M., Xu, W., Gong, W., Tu, Z., Ding, L., He, B., Guo, H., Tu, C., 2016.

One world one health – The interface of zoonotic emerging infectious diseases, Regulatory Rapporteur,13 ( 9 ), pp. 13-16, Clayton, R., 2016.

Perceptions and practices of mass bat exposure events in the setting of rabies among U.S. public health agencies, Zoonoses and Public Health, Article in Press, Hsu, C.H., Brown, C.M., Murphy, J.M., Haskell, M.G., Williams, C., Feldman, K., Mitchell, K., Blanton, J.D., Petersen, B.W., Wallace, R.M., 2016.

Rabies outbreak in Greece during 2012–2014: Use of geographical information system for analysis, risk assessment and control, Epidemiology and Infection, pp. 1-12, Article in Press, Giannakopoulos A., Valiakos G., Papaspyropoulos K., Dougas G., Korou L.M., Tasioudi K.E., Fthenakis G.C., Hutchings M.R., Kaimaras D., Tsokana C.N., Iliadou P., Spyrou V., Tzani M., Birtsas P., Kostoglou P., Sokos C., Doudounakis S., Yon L., Hannant D., Artois M., Tsiodras S., Hadjichristodoulou C., Billinis C., 2016.

Serological evidence of lyssaviruses among bats on southwestern Indian Ocean islands, PLoS ONE,11 ( 8 ), art. no. e0160553, Mélade, J., McCulloch, S., Ramasindrazana, B., Lagadec, E., Turpin, M., Pascalis, H., Goodman, S.M., Markotter, W., Dellagi, K., 2016.

The burden of zoonoses in Kyrgyzstan: A systematic review, PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases,10 ( 7 ), art. no. e0004831, Counotte, M.J., Minbaeva, G., Usubalieva, J., Abdykerimov, K., Torgerson, P.R., 2016.

The incidence of jackal bites and injuries in the Zagreb anti rabies clinic during the 1995-2014 period, Acta clinica Croatica, 55 ( 1 ), pp. 151-155, Vodopija, R., Racz, A., Pahor, D, 2016.

The vaccination of 35,000 dogs in 20 working days using combined static point and door-to-door methods in Blantyre, Malawi, PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 10 ( 7 ), art. no. e0004824, Gibson, A.D., Handel, I.G., Shervell, K., Roux, T., Mayer, D., Muyila, S., Maruwo, G.B., Nkhulungo, E.M.S., Foster, R.A., Chikungwa, P., Chimera, B., Bronsvoort, B.M., Mellanby, R.J., Gamble, L., 2016.

Towards canine rabies elimination in KwaZulu–Natal, South Africa: Assessment of health economic data, Transboundary and Emerging Diseases, 63 ( 4 ), pp. 408-415, Shwiff, S.A., Hatch, B., Anderson, A., Nel, L.H., Leroux, K., Stewart, D., de Scally, M., Govender, P., Rupprecht, C.E., 2016.

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Rift Valley Fever

Integrated analysis of environment, cattle and human serological data: Risks and mechanisms of transmission of Rift Valley fever in Madagascar, PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 10 ( 7 ), art. no. e0004827, Olive, M.-M., Chevalier, V., Grosbois, V., Tran, A., Andriamandimby, S.-F., Durand, B., Ravalohery, J.-P., Andriamamonjy, S., Rakotomanana, F., Rogier, C., Heraud, J.-M., 2016.

Multiseason transmission for Rift Valley fever in North America, Mathematical Population Studies,23 ( 2 ), pp. 71-94, Miron, R.E., Giordano, G.A., Kealey, A.D., Smith, R.J., 2016.

Population dynamics of Rift Valley fever, sleeping sickness, and vector-borne diseases brought by human migrations, Mathematical Population Studies, 23 ( 2 ), pp. 69-70, Tridane, A., 2016.

Rift Valley fever vector diversity and impact of meteorological and environmental factors on Culex pipiens dynamics in the Okavango Delta, Botswana, Parasites and Vectors, 9 ( 1 ), art. no. 434, Pachka, H., Annelise, T., Alan, K., Power, T., Patrick, K., Véronique, C., Janusz, P., Ferran, J., 2016.

Rift Valley fever virus: Unanswered questions, Antiviral Research, 132, pp. 274-280, Bird, B.H., McElroy, A.K., 2016.

Safety and immunogenecity of a live attenuated Rift Valley fever vaccine (CL13T) in camels, BMC Veterinary Research, 12 ( 1 ), art. no. 154, Daouam, S., Ghzal, F., Naouli, Y., Tadlaoui, K.O., Ennaji, M.M., Oura, C., El Harrak, M., 2016.

Serological evidence of rift valley fever virus among acute febrile patients in Southern Mozambique during and after the 2013 heavy rainfall and flooding: Implication for the management of febrile illness, Virology Journal, 13 ( 1 ), art. no. 96, Gudo, E.S., Pinto, G., Weyer, J., Le Roux, C., Mandlaze, A., José, A.F., Muianga, A., Paweska, J.T., 2016.

Taking forward a ‘One Health’ approach for turning the tide against the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus and other zoonotic pathogens with epidemic potential, International Journal of Infectious Diseases, 47, pp. 5-9, Zumla, A., Dar, O., Kock, R., Muturi, M., Ntoumi, F., Kaleebu, P., Eusebio, M., Mfinanga, S., Bates, M., Mwaba, P., Ansumana, R., Khan, M., Alagaili, A.N., Cotten, M., Azhar, E.I., Maeurer, M., Ippolito, G., Petersen, E., 2016.

The African buffalo: a villain for inter-species spread of infectious diseases in southern Africa, The Onderstepoort journal of veterinary research, 79 ( 2 ), p. 453, Michel, A.L., Bengis, R.G., 2016.

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No articles available at this time.

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West Nile Fever

Birds, mosquitoes and West Nile virus: Little risk of West Nile fever in the Netherlands, Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde, 160 ( 20 ), art. no. A9899, Duijster, J.W., Stroo, C.J., Braks, M.A.H., 2016.

Effects of weather and landscape on the equine West Nile virus infection risk in Mississippi, USA, Geospatial Health, 10 ( 2 ), p. 357, Wang, G., 2015.            

Taking forward a ‘One Health’ approach for turning the tide against the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus and other zoonotic pathogens with epidemic potential, International Journal of Infectious Diseases, 47, pp. 5-9, Zumla, A., Dar, O., Kock, R., Muturi, M., Ntoumi, F., Kaleebu, P., Eusebio, M., Mfinanga, S., Bates, M., Mwaba, P., Ansumana, R., Khan, M., Alagaili, A.N., Cotten, M., Azhar, E.I., Maeurer, M., Ippolito, G., Petersen, E., 2016.


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