Scientific Articles of Note Q4 2016

A list of scientific articles published during the last quarter with hyperlinks for ease of access. The focus is on field and epidemiological papers, with relevance for those working in this area.

African Horse Sickness

Comparative Risk Analysis of Two Culicoides-Borne Diseases in Horses: Equine Encephalosis More Likely to Enter France than African Horse Sickness Transboundary and Emerging Diseases, Article in Press Faverjon, C., Leblond, A., Lecollinet, S., Bødker, R., de Koeijer, A.A., Fischer, E.A.J., 2016

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African Swine Fever

African swine fever outbreak on a medium-sized farm in Uganda: biosecurity breaches and within-farm virus contamination, Tropical Animal Health and Production , pp. 1 - 10 .  Article in Press, Chenais, E., Sternberg-Lewerin, S., Boqvist, S., Liu, L., LeBlanc, N., Aliro, T., Masembe, C., Ståhl, K., 2016

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Efficacy of vaccination for bluetongue virus serotype 8 performed shortly before challenge and implications for animal trade Preventive Veterinary Medicine , 136 pp. 49 - 55 ., Spedicato, M., Lorusso, A., Salini, R., Gennaro, A.D., Leone, A., Teodori, L., Casaccia, C., Portanti, O., Calistri, P., Giovannini, A., Savini, G., 2017

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Foot-And-Mouth Disease (FMD)

A Prime-Boost Vaccination Strategy in Cattle to Prevent Foot-and-Mouth Disease Using a “Single-Cycle” Alphavirus Vector and Empty Capsid Particles, PLoS ONE 11(6): e0157435. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0157435, June 13, 2016, Gullberg M, Lohse L, Bøtner A, McInerney GM, Burman A, Jackson T, et al. (2016),

Evolutionary phylodynamics of foot-and-mouth disease virus serotypes O and A circulating in Vietnam BMC Veterinary Research , 12 ( 1 ) , art. no. 269, Le, V.P., Vu, T.T.H., Duong, H.-Q., Than, V.T., Song, D., 2016

Outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease in an organized sheep and goat farm Indian Veterinary Journal ,
93 ( 11 ) pp. 31 - 33 ., Jaisree, S., Hemaltha, S., Mahaprabhu, R., Roy, P., Murali, N., Arun, L., Kumanan, K., 2016

Recent progress in the diagnosis of foot-and-mouth disease: Rapid field-based assays Medycyna Weterynaryjna , 72 ( 6 ) pp. 339 - 344 . Niedbalski, W., 2016

The Foot-and-Mouth Disease Carrier State Divergence in Cattle, Journal of Virology, 2016 Jul 15; 90(14): 6344–6364. Published online 2016 Jun 24. Prepublished online 2016 May 4.  doi:  10.1128/JVI.00388-16, Carolina Stenfeldt, Michael Eschbaumer, Steven I. Rekant, Juan M. Pacheco, George R. Smoliga, Ethan J. Hartwig, Luis L. Rodriguez, Jonathan Arzt, S. Perlman, Editor.

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No articles available at this time.

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Antigenic characterization of H5N1 highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses isolated from poultry in India, 2006-2015 Archives of Virology , pp. 1 - 8 . Article in Press Bhat, S., Nagarajan, S., Kumar, M., Murugkar, H.V., Kalaiyarasu, S., Venkatesh, G., Tosh, C., 2016

Avian H11 influenza virus isolated from domestic poultry in a Colombian live animal market, Emerging Microbes and Infections , 5 ( 12 ) , art. no. e121, Jiménez-Bluhm, P., Karlsson, E.A., Ciuoderis, K.A., Cortez, V., Marvin, S.A., Hamilton-West, C., Schultz-Cherry, S., Osorio, J.E., 2016

Avian influenza outbreaks continue in France, The Veterinary record , 178 ( 9 ) p. 200 ., 2016

Comparison of the first three waves of avian influenza A(H7N9) virus circulation in the mainland of the Peoples Republic of China BMC Infectious Diseases , 16 ( 1 ) , art. no. 734, Xiang, N., Iuliano, A.D., Zhang, Y., Ren, R., Geng, X., Ye, B., Tu, W., Li, C., Lv, Y., Yang, M., Zhao, J., Wang, Y., Yang, F., Zhou, L., Liu, B., Shu, Y., Ni, D., Feng, Z., Li, Q., 2016

Economic burden and its associated factors of hospitalized patients infected with A (H7N9) virus: A retrospective study in Eastern China, 2013-2014 Infectious Diseases of Poverty , 5 ( 1 ) , art. no. 79, Huo, X., Chen, L.-L., Hong, L., Xiang, L.-H., Tang, F.-Y., Chen, S.-H., Gao, Q., Chen, C., Dai, Q.-G., Sun, C.-W., Xu, K., Dai, W.-J., Qi, X., Li, C.-C., Yu, H.-Y., Zhou, Y., Huang, H.-D., Pan, X.-Y., Xu, C.-S., Zhou, M.-H., Bao, C.-J., 2016

Environmental contamination and risk factors for transmission of highly pathogenic avian influenza A(H5N1) to humans, Cambodia, 2006-2010 BMC Infectious Diseases , 16 ( 1 ) , art. no. 631,  Ly, S., Vong, S., Cavailler, P., Mumford, E., Mey, C., Rith, S., Van Kerkhove, M.D., Sorn, S., Sok, T., Tarantola, A., Buchy, P., 2016

Experimental infection of mandarin duck with highly pathogenic avian influenza A (H5N8 and H5N1) viruses, Veterinary Microbiology , 198 pp. 59 – 63., Kang, H.-M., Lee, E.-K., Song, B.-M., Heo, G.-B., Jung, J., Jang, I., Bae, Y.-C., Jung, S.C., Lee, Y.-J., 2017

H5N2 Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Viruses from the US 2014-2015 outbreak have an unusually long pre-clinical period in turkeys BMC Veterinary Research , 12 ( 1 ) , art. no. 260, Spackman, E., Pantin-Jackwood, M.J., Kapczynski, D.R., Swayne, D.E., Suarez, D.L., 2016

Infection risk for persons exposed to highly pathogenic avian influenza a H5 virus–infected birds, United States, December 2014–March 2015 Emerging Infectious Diseases , 21 ( 12 ) pp. 2127 - 2139 ., Arriola, C.S., Nelson, D.I., Deliberto, T.J., Blanton, L., Kniss, K., Levine, M.Z., Trock, S.C., Finelli, L., Jhung, M.A., Scheftel, J., Hartmann, W., Badley, G.P., Doss, B., Richey, D.R., Taffner, R., Weinstein, S., Safi, H., Haselow, D.T., Turabelidze, G., Pue, H., Hickam, L., Worthington, A., Garrison, I.C., Hunt, C., Brown, W.L., Barton, B., Tengelsen, L., Hawkins, V., Baker, J.B., Hedberg, K., Debess, E., Baker, J., Hess, W., Edmondson, A., Kightlinger, L., Horan, V., Musgrave, K., 2015

Modelling the impact of co-circulating low pathogenic avian influenza viruses on epidemics of highly pathogenic avian influenza in poultry Epidemics , 17 pp. 27 - 34 . Nickbakhsh, S., Hall, M.D., Dorigatti, I., Lycett, S.J., Mulatti, P., Monne, I., Fusaro, A., Woolhouse, M.E.J., Rambaut, A., Kao, R.R., 2016

Nonlinear dynamics of avian influenza epidemic models, Mathematical Biosciences , 283 pp. 118 - 135 ., Liu, S., Ruan, S., Zhang, X., 2017

Predicted enhanced human propensity of current avian-like H1N1 swine influenza virus from China PLoS ONE , 11 ( 11 ) , art. no. e0165451, Veljkovic, V., Veljkovic, N., Paessler, S., Goeijenbier, M., Perovic, V., Glisic, S., Muller, C.P., 2016

Sequence and phylogenetic analysis of hemagglutinin genes of H9N2 influenza viruses isolated from chicken in China from 2013 to 2015 Journal of Integrative Agriculture , 15 ( 11 ) pp. 2604 - 2612 . SU, X.-N., XIE, Q.-M., LIAO, C.-T., YAN, Z.-Q., CHEN, W.-G., BI, Y.-Z., CHEN, F., 2016

Turnover of Village Chickens Undermines Vaccine Coverage to Control HPAI H5N1, Zoonoses and Public Health, Article in Press, Villanueva-Cabezas, J.P., Campbell, P.T., Mccaw, J.M., Durr, P.A., Mcvernon, J., 2016

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Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD)

Companion Animals as a Source of Viruses for Human Beings and Food Production Animals Journal of Comparative Pathology, Article in Press, Reperant, L.A., Brown, I.H., Haenen, O.L., de Jong, M.D., Osterhaus, A.D.M.E., Papa, A., Rimstad, E., Valarcher, J.-F., Kuiken, T., 2016

Investigation of suspect lumpy skin disease cases in England and Wales Veterinary Record ,
179 ( 20 ) pp. 522 - 524 . Otter, A., Mackintosh, A., Hateley, G., 2016

Long-term changes in the spatial distribution of lumpy skin disease hotspots in Zimbabwe Tropical Animal Health and Production , pp. 1 - 5 ., Article in Press, Swiswa, S., Masocha, M., Pfukenyi, D.M., Dhliwayo, S., Chikerema, S.M., 2016

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Peste des Petits Ruminants (PPR)

No articles available at this time.

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Assessment of the spatial accessibility to the rabies vaccination campaign in Bogotá, Colombia Biomedica , 36 ( 3 ) pp. 447 - 453 ., Monsalve, S., Rucinque, D.S., Polo, L., Polo, G., 2016

Compendium of animal rabies prevention and control, 2016 Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association , 248 ( 5 ) pp. 505 - 517 ., Brown, C.M., Slavinski, S., Ettestad, P., Sidwa, T.J., Sorhage, F.E., 2016

Correction to: Estimating the Global Burden of Endemic Canine Rabies (PLoS Negl Trop Dis, 9, 5), PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases , 9 ( 5 ) , art. no. e0003786, Katie, K., Coudeville, L., Lembo, T., Sambo, M., Kieffer, A., Attlan, M., Barrat, J., Blanton, J.D., Briggs, D.J., Cleaveland, S., Costa, P., Freuling, C.M., Hiby, E., Knopf, L., Leanes, F., Meslin, M.-X., Metlin, A., Miranda, M.E., Müller, T., Nel, L.H., Recuenco, S., Rupprecht, C.E., Schumacher, C., Taylor, L., Antonio, M., Vigilato, N., Zinsstag, J., Dushoff, J., 2016

Human Rabies in China, 1960-2014: A Descriptive Epidemiological Study PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases , 10 ( 8 ) , art. no. e0004874, Zhou, H., Vong, S., Liu, K., Li, Y., Mu, D., Wang, L., Yin, W., Yu, H., 2016

Rabies control and treatment: From prophylaxis to strategies with curative potential Viruses ,
8 ( 11 ) , art. no. 279, Zhu, S., Guo, C., 2016

Rabies in Kazakhstan, PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases , 10 ( 8 ) , art. no. e0004889, Sultanov, A.A., Abdrakhmanov, S.K., Abdybekova, A.M., Karatayev, B.S., Torgerson, P.R., 2016

Rabies suspected animal contact cases Turkish Journal of Emergency Medicine, Article in Press, Wiwanitkit, V, 2016

Rabies: the clinical features, management and prevention of the classic zoonosis, Clinical medicine (London, England) , 15 ( 1 ) pp. 78 - 81 . Warrell, M.J., Warrell, D.A., 2015

Vaccination studies against rabies in farm and pet animals using different immunization routes Indian Veterinary Journal , 93 ( 10 ) pp. 33 - 36 ., Asokkumar, M., Ganesan, P.I., Sekar, M., Anuradha, P., Balakrishnan, S., 2016

Veterinary contributions to the elimination of rabies Veterinary Record , 177 ( 13 ) p. 326 ., 2015

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Rift Valley Fever

Mouse model for the Rift Valley fever virus MP12 strain infection Veterinary Microbiology ,
195 pp. 70 - 77 . Lang, Y., Henningson, J., Jasperson, D., Li, Y., Lee, J., Ma, J., Li, Y., Cao, N., Liu, H., Wilson, W., Richt, J., Ruder, M., McVey, S., Ma, W., 2016

Public Health Benefits from Livestock Rift Valley Fever Control: A Simulation of Two Epidemics in Kenya EcoHealth , pp. 1 - 14 . Article in Press, Kimani, T., Schelling, E., Bett, B., Ngigi, M., Randolph, T., Fuhrimann, S., 2016

Rift Valley Fever Virus Circulating among Ruminants, Mosquitoes and Humans in the Central African Republic PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases , 10 ( 10 ) , art. no. e0005082, Nakouné, E., Kamgang, B., Berthet, N., Manirakiza, A., Kazanji, M., 2016

Safety and Efficacy Profile of Commercial Veterinary Vaccines against Rift Valley Fever: A Review Study Journal of Immunology Research , 2016 , art. no. 7346294 , Alhaj, M., 2016

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A case of ectopia cordis cervicalis in a Holstein Friesian calf, Magyar Allatorvosok Lapja ,
138 pp. 67 - 76 ., János, S., Péter, K., Péter, B., Attila, S., Máté, K., Ákos, H., Borbála, V., Ágnes, S., Csaba, J., 2016

A freedom from disease study: Schmallenberg virus in the south of England in 2015, Stokes, J.E., Baylis, M., Duncan, J.S. Veterinary Record, Article in Press, 2016

Exposure to schmallenberg virus in irish sheep in 2013, Veterinary Record , 177 ( 19 ) p. 494 . Barrett, D.J., More, S.J., ONeill, R.G., Collins, D.M., OKeefe, C., Regazzoli, V., Sammin, D., 2015

Monitoring for re-emergence of Schmallenberg virus Veterinary Record ,  179 ( 21 ) pp. 549 - 550 ., Collins, Á., Mee, J.F., 2016

Schmallenberg virus: On its way out or due for a comeback? Veterinary Record , 179 ( 17 ) pp. 432 - 434 . Regge, N.D., 2016

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West Nile Fever

A survey of basic reproductive ratios in vector-borne disease transmission modeling, AIP Conference Proceedings , 1651 pp. 12 - 17 . Soewono, E., Aldila, D. 2015

Climate change impacts on West Nile virus transmission in a global context, Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences , 370 ( 1665 ), Paz, S., 2015


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