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Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD)
Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD)
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  • Podcast Episode 3 - 2021 - The One About Lumpy Skin and Flies
    Mon 24th May, 2021
    A talk with Dr Pip Beard of the Pirbright Institute about their recent findings on the transmission of Lumpy Skin Disease. Terminology: BBSRC - Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council LSD - Lumpy Skin Disease OIE - World Organisation for Animal Health Link to paper -
  • Podcast Episode 2 - 2021 - The One About Paraprofessionals
    Mon 29th Mar, 2021
    A discussion with Mr Benson Ameda about the role of paraprofessionals for animal health in Africa. Acronyms: OIE: World Organisation for Animal Health SDG: Sustainable Development Goals
  • Podcast Episode 10 - The One From The Bridge
    Wed 2nd Sep, 2020
    A talk with Dr Daniel Beltran-Alcrudo of the FAO about Lumpy Skin Disease and their new training program. This 4-week online training course on LSD preparedness will be run again in Russian from 20th October. Self -registration is possible for interested participants at the links below. Also hear about the #Rabies360Challenge (reporting from the Tappan Zee bridge). Links: FAO Lumpy Skin Disease Preparedness Registration(in English): FAO Lumpy Skin Disease Preparedness Registration (in Russian): Global African Swine Fever Research Association (GARA) videos: "Our New Reality: The Need to Spread Knowledge Faster than Epidemics" webinar
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