Zero By 30: the global strategic plan to end human deaths from dog-mediated rabies by 2030

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Why Eliminate Rabies

Simply put, rabies must be eliminated because it is one of the most lethal viruses on earth and the tools and knowledge to stop it already exist. Everyday people across large parts of the world live with threat of this terrible disease, and every year tens of thousands of people die from it. Many of…

Vaccinating Dogs
Saves Lives

Vaccination of dogs is central to saving lives from rabies, as explained by the Global Technical Director responsible for the MSD Animal Health small animal vaccines:  “Controlling rabies is vital to the health of the whole community. By vaccinating domestic dogs in developi…

International Rabies Taskforce

The International Rabies Taskforce (IRT) was established to provide governments with guidance and expertise on how to develop rabies elimination programs that will improve both human and animal lives.  We recognized that the amount of information available can be…

How you can make a difference

Find out some of the ways that you can help towards ending human deaths from dog-mediated rabies. #ZeroBy30.

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