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Welcome to the emergence podcast, from MSD Animal Health, for news and views on transboundary and emerging diseases

Episode 2

Published on:

29th March 2021

The One About Paraprofessionals

A discussion with Mr Benson Ameda about the role of paraprofessionals for animal health in Africa. Acronyms: OIE: World Organisation for Animal Health SDG: Sustainable Development Goals

Episode 1

Published on:

10th February 2021

The One About FMD and Communities

An interview with Professors Tiziana Lembo and Divine Ekwem on Foot and Mouth Disease in Tanzania, and the impact on communities. During this episode I mention the EuFMD Open Session. You can read our write up of the event at https://www.emergence-msd-animal-health.com/general-article/conferences-in-a-digital-world-eufmd-open-session-2020-moves-online, and you can see the session videos at https://www.youtube.com/user/EUFMD/videos (including mine on the Prioritisation of Vaccines https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_stc-WpZBM&t=8s)

Episode 12

Published on:

3rd November 2020

The One About One Health

On One Health Day this emergence episode talks to Drs Tiziana Lembo and Divine Ekwem from Glasgow University about their project in Tanzania looking at Foot and Mouth Disease and impact at the community level, Dr Jenifer Chatfield Of Vet Candy about her experiences with One Health, and we announce the winners of this years World Rabies Day Awards.

Episode 11

Published on:

28th September 2020

The One With The Rabies Round Table

A round table discussion on rabies with Prof Katie Hampson (University of Glasgow), Dr Ryan Wallace (CDC, Atlanta), and Dr Fred Lohr (Mission Rabies). During our talk we mention the International Rabies Taskforce. The url is https://rabiestaskforce.com. Acronyms: CDC- Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia FAO - Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations GARC - Global Alliance for Rabies Control GAVI - The Vaccine Alliance OIE - World Organisation for Animal Health ORV - Oral Rabies Vaccine for dogs PEP - Post exposure prophylaxis, Treatment given to humans after a dog, or wild animal, bite in an attempt to prevent rabies PRP - Partners in Rabies Prevention UAR - United Against Rabies, the tripartite of WHO, OIE, and FAO WHO - World Health Organisation

Episode 10

Published on:

2nd September 2020

The One From The Bridge

A talk with Dr Daniel Beltran-Alcrudo of the FAO about Lumpy Skin Disease and their new training program. This 4-week online training course on LSD preparedness will be run again in Russian from 20th October. Self -registration is possible for interested participants at the links below. Also hear about the #Rabies360Challenge (reporting from the Tappan Zee bridge). Links: FAO Lumpy Skin Disease Preparedness Registration(in English): http://www.fao.org/europe/events/detail-events/en/c/1305681 FAO Lumpy Skin Disease Preparedness Registration (in Russian): http://www.fao.org/europe/event/detail-events/ru/c/1305696 Global African Swine Fever Research Association (GARA) videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq41B7o8NhCDx7rS9jQw9EA/videos "Our New Reality: The Need to Spread Knowledge Faster than Epidemics" webinar https://we.tl/t-7t2gVe583A

Episode 9

Published on:

4th August 2020

The One About SDGs

A discussion with Klara Saville of The Brooke about their recent seminar on animal health and sustainable development goals, and some thoughts on the recent OIE presentation on their activities during COVID19. Link to The Brooke side event at the United Nations High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) held by The Brooke: https://www.thebrooke.org/news/un-side-event-highlights-urgent-need-focus-animal-health-systems-avoid-repeat-covid-19 Link to the OIE slides from the 7 July briefing: https://www.oie.int/fileadmin/Home/eng/Our_scientific_expertise/docs/pdf/COV-19/Stone_OIE_and_COVID-19_DelegatesPartners_07July2020.pdf Link to the OIE COVID-19 portal: https://www.oie.int/en/scientific-expertise/specific-information-and-recommendations/questions-and-answers-on-2019novel-coronavirus/multimedia-resources/

Episode 8

Published on:

6th July 2020

The One About Dog Behaviour

In this episode we talk to Daniel Stewart, an animal behaviourist, to hear how understanding dog behaviour is important in the battle to control rabies. We also talk to John Atkinson about the new and updated emergence website. Acronyms mentioned during the podcast: GARC - Global Alliance for Rabies Control PRP - Partners in Rabies Protection PARACON - Pan-African Rabies Control Network

Episode 7

Published on:

25th May 2020

The One About The Fellowship

In this episode we discuss a rabies project in India with two MSD employees who went out there in 2019 to assist as part of an MSD Fellowship program, and we learn about how it impacted their lives as well as their ideas for sustainable rabies control. Link to the SAARC Rabies Webinar: https://rr-asia.oie.int/en/events/saarc-rabies-webinar/

Episode 6

Published on:

27th April 2020

The One with the OIE on COVID19

A discussion with Dr Matthew Stone, Deputy Director General International Standards and Science at the OIE, World Health Organisation for Animal Health, about the impact of COVID19 on the animal health industry. As a bonus episode this is longer than normal. Links to OIE sites mentioned during the podcast OIE Q&A on COVID19 https://www.oie.int/scientific-expertise/specific-information-and-recommendations/questions-and-answers-on-2019novel-coronavirus Joint OIE-WVA statement on COVID19 https://www.oie.int/en/for-the-media/press-releases/detail/article/covid-19-and-veterinary-activities-designated-as-essential EBO-SURSY portal https://rr-africa.oie.int/en/projects/ebo-sursy-en/ And the webinar from the MSD Animal Health swine team: COVID19 A Veterinary Perspective https://msd.doblem.net/login/msd20200801/?id=2804

Episode 5

Published on:

23rd March 2020

The One About FMD in Africa

A chat with Jef Hammond about FMD in Africa and his role as consultant for the AgResults FMD Vaccine Challenge. We do go down a bit of a rabbit hole getting distracted by other things "FMD" but pull it back on topic.

Episode 4

Published on:

16th February 2020

The One About Vaccine Security

John Atkinson and Alasdair King talk about their experience at the recent EuFMD Vaccine Security meeting, we interview Polly Compston about her PhD in Kenya looking at motivators for FMD vaccination, and we announce the first recipients of the Rabies Hero Awards.

Episode 3

Published on:

14th February 2020

The One to Start 2020

As we enter into 2020 I talk about some of the things happening in emerging and transboundary diseases, and the hope for big steps forward in controlling them.

Episode 2

Published on:

14th February 2020

The One About GFRA

In this episode we talk to Kasia Bankowska about her experiences at the recent Global Foot and Mouth Research Alliance meeting in Bangkok, we hear from Keith Sumption of the EuFMD about their upcoming Vaccine Security meeting, and Anthony Chadwick of Webinar Vet about the rabies focus in the upcoming Virtual Congress.

Episode 1

Published on:

5th February 2020

The One About RITA

During this first episode we hear from John Atkinson of MSD Animal Health and Lea Knopf of the WHO of their experiences at the recent Rabies in the Americas conference. We also discuss some of the possible impacts of the spread of African Swine Fever.
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Alasdair King

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Director of International Veterinary Health at MSD Animal Health, Alasdair has worked with governments to help control many transboundary and emerging diseases including Bluetongue, FMD, rabies, Avian Influenza and Lumpy Skin Disease. Contact him at alasdair.king@merck.com

Marta Nowak

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Marketing Lead at International Veterinary Health of MSD Animal Health, Marta works to support global efforts to control transboundary and emerging diseases, through communication and raising awareness. She has led the emergence initiative (website, newsletter, social media) to help inform governments and international community, inspire conversation and drive commitment to reducing the impact of disease on animals and people.