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The emergence logo was designed to represent the key aspects of transboundary and emerging diseases, namely that they are continuously moving and overlapping, they occur across countries, regions and throughout the world, and that collaboration is central to their prevention, control and elimination.
Our Mission and Values
Our International Veterinary Health (IVH) team mission is to improve lives by reducing diseases in animals and people globally through partnerships with governments and organisations.
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We work with governments and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to provide solutions to control transboundary and emerging diseases, including maintaining vaccine or antigen banks, reducing the response time in case of an outbreak, and guaranteeing emergency supply of vaccines.
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We constantly search for the best solutions by understanding local needs, following technological advancements and incorporating digital innovations.
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With a team of people who have extensive experience in Veterinary Medicine, Marketing, Key Account Management, Logistics and Tender Management, the International Veterinary Health team has the skills needed to work with governments and organisations to help improve animal and human health through disease control.
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MSD Animal Health operates in more than 140 countries, with a regional understanding that enables rapid responses to changing disease landscapes around the world. For example, helping countries in Europe manage the Lumpy Skin Disease crisis by arranging rapid deliveries of Lumpyvax™ vaccine.
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Research is central to what we do, both within company and in collaboration with leading institutes and universities. By rapidly recognising emerging threats we developed vaccines for Bluetongue Serotype 8 (Bovilis® BTV8) and Schmallenberg Disease (Bovilis® SBV). We regularly develop new FMD strains in response to changing epidemiology.
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We believe in making a difference and support various initiatives. These include canine vaccination programmes in Africa and Asia (Mission Rabies), and FMD research platforms in East Africa. We also sponsor a number of awards, such as the World Rabies Day Awards, and research awards for ASF and FMD.
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our dedicated team
We nurture our unique relationships with governments, organisations and animal health professionals and strive to make them stronger.
Emergence is brought to you by the International Veterinary Health (IVH) team at MSD Animal Health. Our team is based around the world in different countries, which enables us to better understand the varying disease threats impacting animals and their owners across regions.
Photo of Alasdair King
Alasdair King
Director, International Veterinary Health
Photo of John Atkinson
John Atkinson
Associate Director, International Veterinary Health
Photo of Marta Nowak
Marta Nowak
Marketing Lead, International Veterinary Health
Photo of Chanty Toenders
Chanty Toenders
Tenders and Logistics Lead, International Veterinary Health
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