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08 Nov 2023 to 10 Nov 2023
GFRA 2023 Scientific Meeting in Kampala, Uganda
The 2023 Scientific Meeting of the Global Foot and Mouth Disease Research Alliance (GFRA) will take place from 8th – 10th November in Kampala, Uganda! The event provides an opportunity…
06 Mar 2023 to 10 Mar 2023
10th International Sheep Veterinary Congress
Organized by the the Spanish Association for Sheep and Goat Production (SEOC), the 10th International Sheep Veterinary Congress (ISVC) will take place in 2023 from 6th to 10th March, in Seville. Excerpt…
08 Nov 2022 to 07 Nov 2023
Massive Open Online Course “MOOC Rabies” from Pasteur Network
Pasteur Network MOOC Rabies is now OPEN! The Massive Open Online Course “MOOC Rabies” held by Pasteur Network to explain the pathophysiology, epidemiology, vaccines and elimination strategies of the rabies virus. Registration is free…
26 Oct 2022 to 28 Oct 2022
EuFMD Open Session OS22 in Marseille, France
“Digitalization and innovation applied to the prevention and control of foot-and-mouth and similar transboundary animal diseases (FAST)” – Open Session of the European Commission for the Control of Foot and…
25 Oct 2022 to 26 Oct 2022
IABS Workshop on Avian Influenza and Overcoming Barriers to Control – Paris, France
The International Alliance for Biological Standardization (IABS) will hold a meeting to discuss “High pathogenicity avian influenza vaccination strategies to prevent and control HPAI: removing unnecessary barriers for usage” The…
23 Oct 2022 to 28 Oct 2022
RITA 2022 – International Conference on Rabies in the Americas, in Mexico
The International Conference on Rabies in the Americas (RITA) 2022 will take place in Querétaro, Mexico from 23th to 28th October 2022. RITA has been held since 1990 across countries…
28 Sep 2022 to 30 Sep 2022
International Poultry Council (IPC) Annual Meeting 2022 in Bordeaux, France
After two years meeting online, the International Poultry Council (IPC) will hold its 2022 Annual Conference in-person. The meeting is an excellent opportunity to hear from top speakers, exchange views and…
15 Sep 2022 to 15 Sep 2022
Webinar: Global Opportunities & Challenges to Rabies Detection, Prevention & Control
In recognition of World Rabies Day (28th September) One Health & Implementation Research will hold a webinar about the ‘Global Opportunities & Challenges to Rabies Detection, Prevention & Control’. When:…
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