27 Apr 2021 to 28 Apr 2021

Vaccine Virtual Days 2021

Join the global healthcare community to hear from the world-leading experts about the key topics in the vaccine community. This virtual event will take place from 27-28 April 2021 and provides a unique opportunity to learn about experiences and some of the most critical issues around the global response to the COVID pandemic, including the challenges of vaccine implementation as well as the future of infectious disease prevention.

Participation is free. Sessions will be available in English with translation to 7 languages (French, German, Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish).

Excerpt from the event website:

We’re living in a critical moment when everyone is placing their hopes in vaccines to turn around the current crisis and improve public health on a global scale. Scientific discourse is key to that success and we want you to be part of the conversation.

The agenda is brought to you by an independent Scientific Committee of world-leading vaccine experts, with sessions available both live and on-demand. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from keynote speakers: Paolo Bonanni, Jane Barratt, Mitch Rothholz, Lin fa Wang, Emilie Karafillakis, Flor Munoz, Mary Slack and many more. Hear about trending topics in the vaccine community: COVID vaccine rollout, adult vaccination, new technologies, disease transmission and vaccination strategies, and the future of infectious disease prevention.

More information and registration available here.