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31 Jan 2020 to 01 Feb 2020

VC2020 Rabies Webinar by Sarah Cleaveland

Watch the webinar recording: Towards the elimination of canine rabies.

Despite the availability of safe and highly efficacious rabies vaccines for preventing of rabies in humans and animals, canine rabies remains widespread and still kills tens of thousands of people very year in Africa and Asia.  This presentation outlines factors that have hampered the effective control of canine rabies and summarises the evidence that indicates the feasibility of rabies elimination.  The presentation will summarise results of epidemiological research, primarily from Africa, that provide pragmatic insights into the design and implementation of more effective dog vaccination strategies.  The presentation will discuss rabies in the context of One Health and the relevance of these insights in relation to the control and elimination to other zoonotic, emerging and neglected diseases. Speaker: Sarah Cleaveland VetMB PhD MRCVS FMedSci FRSE FRS

Watch the webinar recording