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30 Sep 2021

Expert FAQs on Lumpy Skin Disease Vaccination

Associate Director, International Veterinary Health

Vaccination is the best way to control lumpy skin disease (LSD). With many people and countries facing this serious disease for the first time as it continues to sweep across Asia, it is essential that high quality information about LSD vaccines and vaccination is easily accessible to help those making disease control decisions.

It is therefore timely to see the release of the OIE document “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Lumpy skin disease (LSD) Vaccination”, which is aimed at Veterinary Services and covers a range of questions relating to benefits, availability, access and vaccine types.

Read the OIE’s frequently asked questions on LSD vaccination here.

This document is also available, along with a range of other resources and materials, on the regularly updated OIE Asia and the Pacific region website.

“Vaccination is the most effective tool for LSD control and potential eradication” (OIE FAQ on LSD vaccination). Photo by Tom Strydom.

To understand more about LSD, its devastating spread across large parts of the world, and what can be done to stop it, read this interview with OIE expert Dr. Pip Beard from The Pirbright Institute.

“The reality is that LSD is an extremely difficult disease to eliminate once it is established in a region. Vaccination is absolutely key to controlling disease outbreaks, and there are very safe and effective LSD vaccines commercially available. High vaccination rates in cattle populations across large areas are required for disease control, for example, the regional vaccination programme undertaken by southeast Europe was effective in controlling LSD. A similar co-ordinated and comprehensive vaccination programme involving multiple countries may be required in Asia.”

Dr Pip Beard, Pirbright Institute (Excerpt from LSD Interview)

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Cow with LSD nodules on the neck. Photo credit: Dr Pip Beard.