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Innovating at EuFMD OS22 – Back Together to Combat FMD and Similar Transboundary Animal Diseases

After so long since the last in-person event, it was wonderful to be able to attend the 2022 edition of the EUFMD (European commission for the control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease) Open Session (OS22). Held in Marseille, France, on 26-28th October, the theme for OS22 was Digitalization and innovation applied to the prevention and control of foot-and-mouth and similar transboundary animal diseases (FAST).

Group photo of participants of the EuFMD Open Session 2022 (OS22), Marseille, France. Photo by EuFMD.

A full agenda was enjoyed by both the online and in-person audiences, with presenters from a wide range of backgrounds including international organisations, governmental departments, research institutions, and industry. Panel discussions followed each set of presentations, and questions were asked by the online audience as well as those in the room. Each day of the event was split into several sessions, as follows:

  • SESSION I: Emergency Preparedness and Response
  • SESSION II: Digital Learning for Veterinarians
  • SESSION III: Virology and Diagnostics
  • SESSION IV: Vaccinology
  • SESSION V: Risk assessment and modelling
  • SESSION VI: Surveillance and control
Panel discussion on vaccinology, with topics including vaccine innovation, with Erwin van den Born and other participants of the EuFMD Open Session OS22 in Marseille, France. Photo by EuFMD

OS22 was supported by a range of partners, including MSD Animal Health. The company was represented by the International Veterinary Health Department (John Atkinson), EURAM Policy team (Claire Richaud), and Research and Development (Erwin van den Born).

During the Vaccinology session on day 2 of OS22, Erwin van den Born gave a keynote presentation on “New vaccine technology: Hopes and fears”. He said that it “It was inspiring to see that people from different disciplines and backgrounds are working towards ways to ensure availability of good quality FMD vaccines”.

Claire Richaud also presented in the same session, discussing “Agtech technologies supporting governmental diseases eradication programmes”. “A global connected ecosystem is the prerequisite to allow live tracking of animals, and enable early detection of symptoms. Connected tools support governments in acting in real time, to advance towards transmissible diseases control”, said Claire. 

Further information on the OS22 Agenda and recordings of the presentations from each day can be found at the EUFMD OS22 website.

John Atkinson
Associate Director, International Veterinary Health