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Raising Awareness with the #Rabies360Challenge

World Rabies Day is getting closer and we challenge you to get involved!

Do you know that there is a global target to stop human deaths from dog-mediated rabies by 2030? We have 10 years to go and we at the International Veterinary Health team are taking this opportunity to raise awareness of rabies elimination:  

Throughout September, leading up to World Rabies Day 28th September, together with our MSD Animal Health colleagues around the world we are taking part in the #Rabies360Challenge. YOU CAN GET INVOLVED TOO! Watch the video:


  • pick an activity you like – you can walk, cycle, bake, or hula hoop …
  • count 360 of something involved in your activity e.g. steps, minutes, photos…
  • Be loud about it on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook – use the hashtag #Rabies360Challenge and tell us how you engage
  • GET INSPIRED by how people have engaged so far – watch this video:

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Because rabies still takes an estimated 59,000 lives each year, yet, it is 100% preventable. 99% of human cases result from dog bites so vaccinating 70% of dog population in rabies endemic regions is a solution, and, awareness is key.  

Children during the canine vaccination campaign for rabies, Blantyre, Malawi.

Why 360?

360 symbolizes our globe and all those around the world unified in ONE collective effort to stop this terrible disease. We are calling upon everyone who wants to help spread the word about the importance of rabies elimination – join now!

Your challenge. Our fight. Eliminating rabies together.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #Rabies360Challenge.

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John Atkinson
Associate Director, International Veterinary Health
Marta Nowak
Marketing Lead, International Veterinary Health