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14 Jul 2020

NEW emergence newsletter: first issue!

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Executive Director, International Veterinary Health

Welcome to our new-look newsletter.  This accompanies the new-look website which I hope you have seen by now.  I am excited by the changes which, alongside the podcast, will bring you timely, up to date information in an easy to access format that suits your needs.  With emergence you can stay informed in a variety of ways:

  1. Website – ‘Focus On…’ articles from experts, searchable global disease reports, recent scientific articles, and lots of resources on transboundary and emerging diseases.
  2. Newsletter – a selection of the latest information direct to your inbox to keep you in touch. Subscribe here.
  3. Podcast – interviews with experts and leaders talking about One Health issues, diseases, and reports from conferences.
  4. Twitter (@emergence_MAH, @Alasdair_MAH) – disease reports, comments from conferences, and responses to things as they happen.

This multi-tiered approach comes from feedback from you and we will keep improving on it.  Of course, to do that we also need to hear from you. 

Let us know what works for you and what doesn’t.  Let us know what topics you want covered in the podcast and send us questions you want answered.  Engage with us on twitter.

I believe that we are a community working together with the aim of eliminating these animal diseases that have such a large impact on human health and food security.  Individually we will not be able to do much, but as a community listening to each other and supporting each other then we can make the difference we need in the world.  I personally am driven by a desire to improve both human and animal lives, and I know that desire is shared by my team in International Veterinary Health.

By improving access to information, and sharing knowledge, we hope for emergence to be a part of that difference.

Thank you.

Executive Director, International Veterinary Health