Dr. Ryan Wallace

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), USA, November 2020

Dr. Ryan Wallace, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), has been a key to the development of a large number of tools that help countries to assess and understand vaccination programs. He goes out into the field to organize and assist in field vaccination. He provides training for governments. As a CDC expert in rabies, Ryan has had a major impact across the globe. His dedication to controlling and eliminating this disease is clear to anyone who meets him.

Receiving the Rabies Hero Award, Ryan said: “It is an honor to be recognized for this award, and to be part of such an inspirational group of Rabies Heroes. Rabies is a local problem that is best addressed when we consider the complex and unique characteristics of community interactions with their resident dog populations. My recognition for this award would never have been possible without my community of collaborators around the world that are working on local rabies control issues every day, in an effort to save lives and livelihoods. This recognition belongs as much to them as it does to me. Thank you!”