Quantifying and modelling the acquisition and retention of lumpy skin disease virus by haematophagus insects reveals clinically but not subclinically-affected cattle are promoters of viral transmission and key targets for control of disease outbreaks, Sanz-Bernardo, B., Haga, I.R., Wijesiriwardana, N., Basu, S., Larner, W., Diaz, A.V., Langlands, Z., Denison, E., Stoner, J., White, M., Sanders, C., Hawes, P.C., Wilson, A.J., Atkinson, J., Batten, C., Alphey, L., Darpel, K.E., Gubbins, S., Beard, P. M., 2021 Journal of Virology, DOI: 10.1128/JVI.02239-20