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Following #Rabies360Challenge Around the Globe

We are well into September now, and with World Rabies Day 2021 getting close, it’s time to take a look at some of the wonderful examples from people all over the world spreading the message about rabies elimination, as part of their #Rabies360Challenge. We’ve been following these amazing participants since the beginning of this month and hope you will get inspired. But first, a quick reminder – why #Rabies360Challenge?

Every 9 minutes one person dies of rabies, and throughout September, we are raising our voices so that more people hear about it. Why does it matter? Because every #Rabies360Challenge post tells the world that this deadly zoonotic disease is preventable through vaccination. And the more we talk about it, the more action can be taken to save lives. Read more here.

Ready for a #Rabies360Challenge tour around the world?

Claire is hula hooping for rabies awareness in beautiful South Africa, recruiting hula friends anywhere she can.

She organizes hula-ing events at various locations, including at the MSD office and a dog adoption centre, giving a chat about rabies awareness and World Rabies Day.

Estelle (South Africa) pledged to plant 36 trees and other plants during the month of September, with fantastic results! Nectarines, pomegranate, macadamia, almond, avocado, passion fruit, figs, apricots and marula have been planted so far.  

Elizabeth donates hyperimmune rabies plasma. The plasma will be used to prepare rabies immunoglobulins for post-exposure prophylaxis of patients with rabies exposure!

Tarryn is swimming, walking and running.

Sergio (Peru) looks back at the rabies control throughout the years sharing photos capturing the important moments of this life-saving work, starting with the first World Rabies Day in Lima, and researching bites from dogs and bats in Guatemala.

Leanne (South Africa) gives lessons helping dogs learn Doggy Zen:

Anna (Tanzania) committed to puppy stretch and 360 seconds of obedience training each day, while promoting the responsible dog ownership.

We have also seen 360 minutes of: agility training…

dog yoga…

practicing dog tricks in various corners of the world from Australia to South Africa…

… and many more activities to keep our four-legged friends healthy and happy, including Monique and Kim getting their dogs’ vaccinations up to date, including against rabies.

Just like last year, many of you committed to walking and running and we are happy to see your dogs are accompanying you.

Mia (USA) is doing 360 pool jumps, again!

Not only dogs are involved in the challenge this year, horses, again, are represented too! Linda (the Netherlands) is doing 360 minutes of sitting trot and Helia (South Africa) enjoys the mindfulness walks.

Alasdair (USA) is determined to take 360 dog-related photos and although initially well behind on his target, he is not giving up: “I keep on going. The last year may mean we are behind on our rabies control goals globally. But we won’t give up. We keep going. Because we have to end this disease. The goal is still #zeroby30, we can eliminate rabies”, says Alasdair, and we are glad to see that so many participants share this mindset!

All lovely ideas and it is impossible to mention all. To see more, check this article or follow us on Twitter.

And, remember – September isn’t over yet, there is plenty of time to start your challenge! We can all make a difference and contribute to the global #ZeroBy30 goal. Together, we can eliminate rabies and save lives.

Marta Nowak
Marketing Lead, International Veterinary Health


Participation is entirely voluntary and at the participants own risk. MSD Animal health accepts no liability. Your participation may result in your #Rabies360Challenge posts, including photos and videos, being shared through emergence channels (website and social media).