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Rabies Hero Dr Imam Mzimbiri – work in pictures

The latest Rabies Hero Award recipient, Dr Imam Mzimbiri, has done a lot of work for over a decade helping to keep rabies at bay around the Serengeti ecosystem in Tanzania, spending months away from his wife and children. Thanks to his dedication to eliminating this devastating disease, local communities have a chance to live without the fear of rabies.

Imam leads a team of field officers and together they vaccinate over 40,000 dogs per year.
Imam travels to remote villages and spends months in the field to protect the people and wildlife in Serengeti from rabies.
The work by Rabies Free Africa has demonstrated that vaccinating dogs around the Serengeti National Park eliminates rabies in dogs and controls the disease in wildlife.

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Marta Nowak
Marketing Lead, International Veterinary Health