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15 Jun 2021

Rabies Hero Prof. Anthony R. Fooks – work in pictures

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Marketing Lead, International Veterinary Health

Our latest Rabies Hero Award recipient, Professor Anthony R. Fooks, has a long history of commitment to rabies elimination globally, collaborating across regions and organisations. See here a fascinating account of some of his achievements in pictures.

Prof. Anthony R. Fooks (left) and Dr David Hayman (right; presently at Massey University, New Zealand) undertaking wing, body and weight measurements of Eidolon helvum bats (Straw-coloured fruit bat) in Accra, Ghana. The purpose of this programme was to investigate the presence of rabies-related viruses, specifically Lagos bat virus, and other bat-borne viruses in Eidolon helvum bats and the risks posed to human health. This project was co-funded by the European Union FP7-funded Project: ANTIGONE; Anticipating the Global Onset of Pandemics Network-of-Excellence and the Research and Policy for Infectious Disease Dynamics (RAPIDD), Fogarty International USA.

Prof. Anthony R. Fooks participating in the 1st OIE Global Conference on Biological Threat Reduction, Paris, France as an invited speaker. The first OIE Global Conference on Biological Threat Reduction was convened in close collaboration with WHO, to strengthen links between the human health, animal health and the security sector; promote international human and animal health frameworks as a key to reducing natural biological threats including dog-mediated human rabies; and develop a road map focused on enhancing and coordinating existing mechanisms for outreach and the strengthening of health systems.

From left to right, Dr Ash Banyard (APHA, UK), Dr Karen Mansfield (APHA, UK), Prof. Anthony R. Fooks (APHA, UK), Dr Abdul Rahman (KVAFSU/CVA/Crucell Rabies Diagnostic Laboratory, Bangalore, India) and Dr Shrikrishna Isloor (KVAFSU/CVA/Crucell Rabies Diagnostic Laboratory, Bangalore, India) opening a training workshop on rabies diagnostic tests and quality management systems as part of an OIE-funded Twinning Project involving APHA-UK and CDC-USA providing international training and capability-building to the KVAFSU/CVA/Crucell Rabies Diagnostic Laboratory. In 2020, the World Assembly of Delegates of the OIE confirmed the designation of the KVAFSU-CVA Rabies Diagnostic Laboratory, Veterinary College, KVAFSU, Bangalore as an OIE Reference Laboratory for rabies with Dr Isloor as the designated expert.

Prof. Anthony R. Fooks (hosted by Prof. Sarah Cleaveland, University of Glasgow, UK) discussing the rabies studies that were being undertaken to children in Tanzania as part of an educational engagement programme.

Prof. Anthony R. Fooks (2nd from left) highlighting rabies as part of the educational outreach for World Rabies Day in 2009 by climbing Mount Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales, at an elevation of 1,085 metres above sea level, and the highest point in the British Isles outside the Scottish Highlands.

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Marketing Lead, International Veterinary Health