Simply put, rabies must be eliminated because it is one of the most lethal viruses on earth and the tools and knowledge to stop it already exist. Everyday people across large parts of the world live with threat of this terrible disease, and every year tens of thousands of people die from it. Many of these are children in Africa and Asia. This can be stopped. Download the Zero By 30 publication above to find out about the plan to end human deaths from dog-mediated rabies.

Taking a One Health approach

Almost 100% of human deaths from rabies result from being bitten by a dog. By educating people about dog behaviour and dog bite management we can reduce the chances of dog bites, and help people understand what to do if they get bitten. By vaccinating dogs, we prevent them from becoming infected and passing on the rabies virus to people. Vaccination of dogs is cost-effective and part of a One Health approach. To find out more, try this article: Cleaveland, S., Lankester, F., Townsend, S., Lembo, T., Hampson, K. (2014) Rabies control and elimination: a test case for One Health Veterinary Record 175, 188-193.

Image credits: Anna Czupryna (Banner, Boy and dog), Mission Rabies (vaccinating dogs), Marta Nowak (Hands, Lower)