09 Nov 2021 to 09 Nov 2021

Next Generation Animal Vaccines – virtual event

Join this online event to find out how modern animal vaccines can help shape a sustainable future animal health future.

Organised by MSD Animal Health, the Next Generation Animal Vaccines Event which will take place on 9 November, from 9:00-11:30. The event will feature 3 exclusive TED-talks with experts sharing insights about making disease prevention more effective, sustainable and animal welfare friendly.

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Excerpt from event website:

Building on the One Health approach, the Next Generation Animal Vaccines Event will reflect on how the EU should not only encourage the development and use of effective vaccines for human health, but also for animal health and welfare.

In a creative communication format, the event will feature 3 keynote speakers in a TED-style talk during which they will present their thoughts and expertise on how modern animal vaccines can bring better change to animal health.