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18 May 2022

Free Animal Health Expert Trainings from the FAO elearning Academy

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Marketing Lead, International Veterinary Health

Are you a professional involved in disease control or sustainable development? Do you want to know:

  • What are the effects of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in food and agriculture?
  • How can you rapidly identify rinderpest if it suddenly occurs in your region? What to do to control an outbreak?
  • What are simulation exercises and how do they help prepare for animal disease emergencies? What do you need to organize and run a ‘SimEx’?
  • Why is livestock production important to food security and what is its role in climate-smart agriculture?

The free online courses from the FAO elearning Academy are a great way to learn! The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations offers free access to a wide range of online trainings for policymakers, government officials, technical staff, and other professionals.

The FAO elearning Academy aims to facilitate the transfer of knowledge to directly support the Sustainable Development Goals. These courses promote sustainability by empowering learners, such as local institutions, to embed skills tailored to country-specific needs. This helps countries towards their economic and social advancement, making communities better equipped with the competencies required to face the global challenges, such as disease outbreaks.

“Trans/multi-disciplinary competencies are crucial to be able to identify and reduce the spreading of animal diseases,” says Cristina Petracchi, Leader of the FAO elearning Academy, “and the FAO elearning Academy offers free multilingual competency-based courses for this purpose.”

You will be able to hear more about it on one of the future episodes of the emergence podcast. We are pleased to have Cristina join us to talk about their approach to trainings, so keep a watch on our Twitter to stay informed.

Here are a few reasons to study with the FAO elearning Academy:

Open access: The FAO elearning courses, such as technical webinars, are offered free of charge and are open to everyone to attend via Zoom.

Learning from experts: The course content is developed with the support of world experts in animal health, food and nutrition security, social and economic development, and many other areas.

Multilingual content and self-paced learning: A wide range of courses on topics of global interest available in a variety of languages provide inclusive learning opportunities for all. The courses allow learning about a subject based on individual needs and interests, in a format that enables studying anywhere and at your own pace.

Quality education: Excellent opportunity to study with a reputable organization with a global experience in providing education: in 2021 alone, the FAO elearning Academy published 90 multilingual e-learning courses in collaboration with more than 300 partners worldwide, reaching 700 000 learners. Find out more in this publication.

Certification: Certification is granted through the Digital Badges system, which certifies the acquisition of competencies, through performance assessments. The FAO Digital Badges offer a visible, verifiable, and sharable recognition of the learner’s certification, and are widely used worldwide by the UN, private sector, humanitarian NGOs, etc.

Head to the FAO elearning Academy website for more information and choose a course to start with!

Marketing Lead, International Veterinary Health

Image credits: Tom Strydom