OIE General Session 2020, SG88 - Emergence - Your Guide to Transboundary & Emerging Diseases
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OIE General Session 2020, SG88

The GS88 event was to be held during the week of 24th May 2020 and has been postponed until 2021 (http://oiegeneralsession88.com/en/). However, information about OIE activities in 2020 is available at https://www.oie.int/en/for-the-media/oie-activities-2020/.

88th General Session of the World Assembly of National Delegates of the OIE.

Held each year in Paris, France, the meeting brings together representatives of 182 OIE Members and observers from international organisations that have signed an official agreement with the OIE, as well as other international and regional organisations and invited guests.

The World Assembly of OIE Delegates will examine several texts, with a view to adopt, several new intergovernmental standards covering animal disease control methods, including those for controlling diseases transmissible to humans, the safety of international trade in animals and animal products, as well as animal welfare. The final report of the implementation of the 6th Strategic Plan (2016-2020) and the proposed 7th Strategic plan will be presented, and the election of the OIE Director General will be conducted.

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