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Rabies Hero Dr Ankita Pathak – work in pictures

Dr Ankita Pathak, our latest recipient of Rabies Hero Award, has been relentlessly vaccinating stray dogs against rabies in and around Mumbai, India, for the last 10 years. She became a veterinarian following her passion and love for animals and is currently one of the most valued vets in the Mumbai area. Living in a society where rabies is a constant threat, she is known to ensure that every animal that comes within her reach is duly vaccinated against rabies, which she considers her duty in combatting this terrible disease.

This video shows her hard work and boundless commitment
to the betterment of stray animals.

The video was provided by the Rabies Hero Award recipient. MSD Animal Health has no affiliation with amtmindia.org and is not endorsing donation.

Ankita said she considers herself very lucky to be able to help the ‘speechless souls’. She feels deeply for animals and has never left any of them without care or treatment. She has received several awards for her good work and her contributions to rabies control in the area have been invaluable. She is always sought after for the care she provides.

A tribute from Ankita’s nominator: “Throughout history, in every culture around the world, extraordinary women have pushed society to think bigger and move forward. This woman is a glowing example of a boundless soul who has courageously made her passion, a job of love and joy: Dr Ankita V Pathak, popularly known as the “Injectionwali Dr”, has been silently vaccinating dogs against rabies for the past 10 years. During this time she administered the vaccine to over 35000 stray dogs and abandoned pets all over Mumbai and beyond. A woman can play many roles but a woman who wears her heart over her sleeve for stray animals is a very rare sight. “

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Marta Nowak
Marketing Lead, International Veterinary Health