The International Rabies Taskforce (IRT) was established to provide governments with guidance and expertise on how to develop rabies elimination programs that will improve both human and animal lives.  We recognized that the amount of information available can be overwhelming and it is not always obvious how to use all the resources to best effect.  As with many things, where to start is the biggest hurdle.  The IRT is focused on showing how to best use resources and how to implement campaigns through the establishment of pilot projects.  By developing local capacity, empowering governments, and ensuring sustainability, we work together with the community to take us closer to that goal of elimination of dog mediated rabies by 2030.

Taking a collaborative approach

Together with the other founding members – Mission Rabies and US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – we are proud to be a part of the IRT.  The framework we have developed together, each bringing our own areas of expertise, is perfectly aligned with our other activities.  Our focus has always been on how to educate those most affected, on how to improve surveillance, and how to deliver effective vaccination programs.  Working with the IRT we firmly believe that elimination is possible.

Image credits: Anna Czupryna (Banner, Boy and dog), Mission Rabies (vaccinating dogs), Marta Nowak (Hands, Lower)